YMMV / The Shocker Legit

  • Creator's Pet: Herman starts to go down this route when Tony and Reed Richards, two people with minds decades ahead of the rest of the world, start gushing over his Shocker gear and treat it as if it's the most advanced technology on the planet.
  • Designated Villain: Spider-Man gets touches of this, with Shocker at one point whining about him being some kind of bully who only goes after his regular villains... villains who are breaking the law and usually trying to kill him anyway. It also ignores the fact that Spider-Man takes on anyone threatening the city, including borderline Physical Gods like the Juggernaut, even knowing he has no chance. It's somewhat ambiguous if we're supposed to side with him on this as it is just his opinion, but Peter does get moments of kindness in the story.
  • Ron the Death Eater: See above with Spider-Man. Again it is ambiguous but it is worth noting that Max Landis, the writer, has gone on camera and called Spider-Man a 'narcissistic bully.'