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Fan Fic: A Captive Light
A Captive Lightis a Digimon fanfic written by Hedgi.

Set during Digimon Adventure 02, Ken plots his revenge for his most recent defeat at the hands of the Digidestined. He realizes that the greatest strength is also a weakness- they are loyal to a fault and would do anything for a friend. He plots to kidnap one of them to use as a hostage. However, his newest minions, the harpy like Zhannemon, fail and only manage to capture Gatomon. Kari is panic stricken, and they try desperately to find Ken and free the captive digimon, while Ken plots his next move. The group follows false trails and is attacked by the Zhannemon, who bear no dark rings but are instead infected with the evil black gears used by Devimon in the past. Emotions run high as the kids try to rescue their friend, and the younger Digidestined learn about the older kid's past- for Kari is convinced that history is repeating and something terrible is coming. And it is - for Ken's plan to rid the Digital world of the other Digidestined comes to a head when he strikes out again - and memories of the past return to haunt Kari and her friends.

Part of a series called History Repeats

Has a sequel called A Fading Hope, which has a companion, No Knowledge of What Comes.

This Fanfiction provides examples of:

A Fading Hope provides examples of:

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