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Drinking Game: The Legend of Zelda
This is meant to be a set of rules applicable to any The Legend of Zelda Title. Two sets of rules specific to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can be found here.

  • Name Link “Drink”, then whenever an NPC tells you to “Drink”, take a sip.
  • Whenever Zelda gets captured or is shown to be captured (must be captured at time of cutscene), take a drink.
  • When you use a fairy, finish your drink.
  • When you get a main collectible (OoT: gold Skulltula, TP: Poe soul, SS: Goddess cube, Etc.), take a sip.
  • Whenever the game is interrupted for a "jingle item" (i.e. TP's 5 rupees, SS's treasure, WW's spoils), take a sip.
  • Whenever you use the ocarina/conductor’s baton/harp/musical instrument/etc., take a sip. (this includes TP’s howling)
  • If you get a piece of heart, take a large gulp of your drink.
  • If you finish a heart container or get one from a boss, finish your drink.
  • Whenever you open a large chest, finish your drink then get a new one.
  • Whenever you go to a Zelda forum, take a whole bottle when you find a thread discussing the official timeline. Take a bonus round if you see a theory about it despite the existence of the Hyrule Historia book.
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