Awesome: The Legend of Zelda

In common
  • Every single time Link gets the Master Sword is a Crowning Moment of Awesome. And so is when he places it back.
    • You'd think that, in OOT where you do this at least three times (and another three when you place it back) as part of a game mechanic, and after getting it several times in many different games, the grandeur would wear off. No, the Master Sword is just that awesome.

The Legend of Zelda (1986)
  • Previously, you had fought Ganon, and even if you stabbed him while he was invisible, you still couldn't stop him. Then you get the silver arrows and blow him up, and it's awesome.


  • Link breaking out of the evil jar in "The Missing Link."
  • Zelda being an Action Girl, wielding boomerangs and a bow. Her archery skills later became canon.
  • In "Cold Spells," Ganon imprisons Link in a jar that his sword beams can't break. Spryte saves the day by using her magic to dissolve it, and attack a Gohma that was trying to eat Link.
  • Spryte kissing Link to save him from his frog curse in "Kiss 'N Tell."
  • In "That Sinking Feeling," an army of Tektites web Zelda up and rob Link of his sword, then pounce on him. He defeats them by throwing the Tektites biting him at the others, knocking them back into the Underworld before zapping the last one with his sword.
    • Link's fight with a Darknut is pretty cool, as it's one of Ganon's most competent soldiers.
    • In the same episode, Ganon uses magical chains to subdue Link as he pulls Zelda and the Triforce of Wisdom towards him with a spell. Link uses a Power Bracelet won earlier in the episode to break free, wraps one of the chains around Ganon's wrist, and throws him out of the Underworld.
  • Even Ganon, of all characters, has one in "The White Knight". Already aware of Prince Facade's presence, having dealt with him before, Ganon exploits his true colors by having Zelda kidnapped and carried through a muddy swamp. You might say Ganon just did Zelda a big favor by exposing Prince Facade for the vain braggard that he is, especially while Link had spent a great deal of the episode envying him, completely unaware that Facade cared more about his looks than Zelda herself.