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Drinking Game: Cracked
  • While browsing headlines, take a sip each time a common headline phrase is used:
    • Baffling
    • Bullshit
    • Horrifying
    • Insane
    • Mind-Blowing
    • Mind-Boggling
    • Nobody Tells You
    • Ridiculous
    • You Didn't Notice
    • You Probably Believe
    • You Won't Believe
  • Take a sip every time a writer expresses their hate/fear/disgust of:
    • Clowns
    • Lampreys
    • Pants
    • Snakes
    • Spiders
    • Thomas Edison
  • Take a drink if the words "Classic" and "Rip-Off" are used in the same sentence.
  • Take a drink if the winner of a photoplasty contest is used as the thumbnail.
  • Take a drink every time Felix Clay and Gladstone insult one another in their articles
  • Take a drink whenever you see wikipedia as a source for a fact-based contest.
  • Take a shot every time Adam Tod Brown links to his "Unpopular Opinion" podcast.
    • Take a shot every time Adam Tod Brown writes an article about things that he thinks are overrated or underrated.
  • Take a shot every time a Cracked writer plugs a book they wrote in the article itself.
  • Take a drink if the same picture is used several times in the article.
  • Take a drink every time cocaine is associated with Hollywood.
  • Take a drink every time the article or a caption refers to someone named Chad. Two drinks if the article isn't by John Cheese.
  • Take a drink if Theodore Rosevelt or Nikola Tesla is brought up as an example of an awesome badass.
  • Take a drink whenever a writer uses the term "conceit" in place of the more common "concept."
  • Take a drink whenever Winston Rowtree makes an article with pictures crammed with words.
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