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Elixir (also - and better - known as My Sweet Insanity) is an upcoming series of novels by Fashionist State, set 20 Minutes into the Future in a Crapsack World in which a new dystopia sprouts roughly every minute. It details the adventures and downfalls of several separate and frankly deranged characters as they react to how the world progresses and/or regresses - avoiding being murdered, experimented on or exposed to crackpot conspiracy theories in the process.

The first confirmed book, The Broken Doll Incident, features the Dysfunction Junction that is the underworld of Brighton - literally underground Brighton. Roughly. Moni Wintercrest, petty thief and Mike Patton enthusiast, is out to murder Alecath, the man that lured her to this city - but she doesn't expect to be weighed down by the nice but inept Carrie Baumann, who ends up falling in love with Alecath herself. And since Alec's also a psychopathic mutant that needs blood to live (the closest this universe will come to vampires) and could care less about 'twoo wuv', may Your Omnipresent Narrator be the first to say: What An Idiot. Meanwhile, an old associate of Moni's decides to go on her Roaring Rampage of Revenge and accidentally uncovers a great conspiracy...

As this work is still a work in progress, expect frequent updates.

The Broken Doll Incident provides examples of: