Creator / Michael Rosen

"[click] Nice."

Michael Wayne Rosen (born 7 May 1946) is an English children's author and poet, known for his work on YouTube where he tells his stories, complete with exuberant and hilarious expressions. He is most famous in Britain for his "Going on a Bear Hunt" song, and he's a hugely popular source for YouTube Poop, mainly because his wide usage of words and virtually seamless videos give YTP makers maximum freedom in sentence mixing his videos and telling wholly different stories. His material can be found at the channel "artificedesign", set up specially by his son.

Tropes that apply to him:

  • Cheshire Cat Grin: A rather famous one, present in nearly all his videos. If you don't want to look it up on Youtube, it's the page image. Sort of.
  • Large Ham: He ticks all the boxes, with his ridiculous facial expressions.

Tropes in his poems and stories:

  • Anthropomorphic Food: "Fast Food" describes a hamburger running away from the bar where he's about to be fried. Contains a bit of a pro-vegetarian message as well.
  • Black Comedy: "Strict" is about a teacher depriving her students of air (which results in most of them dying) and sending the survivors to a prison underneath the school for minor offences such as slamming down their desk lids while catching air. This results in the class being reduced from 48 students to five within the space of a week, all of which is Played for Laughs.
  • Brainy Baby: According to "Michael Rosen Rap", Michael could walk and talk while still in the womb, was elected Prime Minister at age 8, and made King of the Fools at age 10.
  • The Ending Changes Everything: The Skyfoogle is set up as a standard monster. However, it is heavily implied by the way Michael lingers on the fact that he (and by extension, the audience) never saw the salesman again that the Skyfoogle never existed and the salesman was actually a conman.
  • Parody Commercial: "Toenails" is one for, well, toenails.
    Michael (announcer voice): Be like Jack! Be smart! Grow toenails!
  • Picky Eater: Played with in "Tomato One" and "Tomato Two". In the former, he recalls sulking as a kid when being asked to eat a tomato, as he hates their taste and texture, which results in him not getting dessert. In the second, he points out that he grew to love them by eating them on bread with some black pepper.
  • Potty Emergency: In "London Airport", Michael has one centered around having to "wee" when he and his brother Brian are on the bus at the titular airport.
  • Rule of Three: Many of his poems have an element that occurs three times, such as the "'til it's cool, just cool, then into the mouth... *click* Nice." in "Hot Food", or the jug of peach syrup in "Fridge" which has been replaced with a jug of thick cooking oil on the third time.
  • Sadist Teacher: The teacher described in "Strict", who forbids students from breathing in her class. Those who didn't keel over and die from not breathing were sent to "school prison" if they slammed the desk lid while snatching a quick breath under the desk, where they'd be strung up in a dungeon with rats nibbling at their toes.
    "Miss? Can I go out and do some breathing?"
    "No! You've got all playtime to do that!"
  • Serial Escalation: Very apparent in the stories "Washing Up" and "Chocolate Cake", of which the former features a full on kitchen war between Michael and his brother Brian, and the latter featuring Michael eating more chocolate cake with every bite, culminating in Michael getting a knife and cutting up the entire rest and eating it.
  • Shaggy Dog Story: "The Skyfoogle". A man puts up a tent, promising to show off a terrfying creature called the Skyfoogle. He then runs out of the tent, claiming the Skyfoogle to have escaped. None of them has seen the man, their money, or the Skyfoogle again.
  • Shout-Out: Possibly the title of "Tomato Two, or How I Learned to Love Tomatoes" (which gets interesting when you realise Michael is British)
  • Squick:invoked "Horrible" is about the narrator buying a cheap pizza in a paper bag, which he splatters all over his face and knuckles, breathes in through his nose, whilst he dribbles everywhere licks his tongue over his knuckles and gets bag stuck in his mouth.