Creator / Dave Wittenberg
One of the most bear-satile voice actors in California. David Richard Paul "Dave" Wittenberg is pretty much able to do any role, be it dramatic or comedic. His most notable role is Kakashi Hatake in Naruto. He also does a great Elvis impersonation.

His Texas counterparts are Micah Solusod, Robert McCollum, Newton Pittman, Leraldo Anzaldua, Scott Freeman, Blake Shepard, Chris Patton and David Matranga, and his Canadian counterparts are Brad Swaile, Andrew Francis, and Kirby Morrow. Johnny Yong Bosch, Sam Riegel, Orion Acaba, Grant George, and Erik Kimerer are his successors, particularly in non-union dubs. Also is a California counterpart of Soichiro Hoshi.

Notable roles from Dave Wittenberg:


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