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Comic Book: Brute Force
Brute Force is a short lived (4 issues) Marvel Comics creation. It stars a team of animal cyborgs known as "Brute Force", latter opposed by another team of cyborg animals known as "Heavy Metal". It existed as a shameless attempt to sell toys (without a toyline, Marvel was allegedly expecting toy companies to buy the toy rights). Nowadays best known for Atop the Fourth Wall's reviews of the whole series.

The book was meant to be part of Marvel's Star Comics line of kid's comics, going as far as having ads for that line in the issues instead of the mainline Marvel books.

The team is slated to make a return in the Deadpool Bi-Annual, going up against Deadpool.

Not to be confused with We3 or the Xbox game or the arcade game with the same name.

Brute Force has examples of:

Blood Red DragonMarvel Comics SeriesBullet Points

alternative title(s): Brute Force
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