Characters / Sburb Patch Notes

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Mobius Trip (Knight of Space)

Mobius Trip is a three-hundred-year-old genius programmer that never did bother to grow up.

Hadron Kaleido (Heir of Time)

Hadron Kaleido is a three-hundred-fifty-year-old genius programmer who is a Foil to Mobius.

Andrew Hussie (Waste of Space, CEO of Code)



Almighty 404

  • Big Neutral: He perfers to not get involved with Skaianet's troubles.

Daniel Kopton (Mage of Technology, Knight of Void)

Overwhelmingly optimistic, loyal to his friends and hard working, Daniel is what one might call a model employee. Coming from a universe with Pokémon, and having formerly alchemised himself with a Metagross, there is a lot of power in his form. Recognisable from a mop of brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, grey hoodie and black shirt and tracksuit trousers, though he has taken to wearing his Technology God-Tier outfit recently.

Tricia Glasswell (Seeker of Time, Seer of Truth)

Formerly of the GNUrb session (although that has since been retconned out entirely), Tricia Glasswell is a human whose defining traits are "very intelligent", "powerful", and "moderately insane". She has brown hair and orange eyes, and wears orange and blue, including a baseball cap and a pair of glasses.

Avery T. Deaconari (Seer of Tactics)

An Nth-dimensional multiform from the Eighth Dimension. Currently using a humanoid aspect to fit in at Skaianet.

Bluesunnyday (Speaker of Pain)

Goranius Mirokat (Monk of Self)

Kira Matsumoto (Time, Mind, Light?)



Ani (Keeper of Life, Sage of Time, Seer of Light)

An insectoid alien that has major hang-ups around the idea of exoskeletons and sentience.





Candy Corn Cans / Itchy

The God-Tier Ultimate King of Skaianet

Ton Ialfnu (Lord of Life, Mage of Death, The First Grey-Tier)