Characters: Revenge of the Nerds

Characters from the classic 80's comedy Revenge of the Nerds with some backround information on the characters and some tropes they provide examples of.

The Nerds

Lewis Skolnick

The main nerd in the film. He starts out at Adams College with an optimistic attitude. He later learns to stand up for himself and "the rights of other nerds", as he puts it.

Gilbert Lowe

Lewis's best friend, who starts at Adams at the exact same time. He has a habit of seeing the negative.

Dudley "Booger" Dawson

Booger, who's real name is Dudley Dawson, may not be a "traditional nerd" like the rest of them, but he's still an outcast. Also he's around as smart as the rest of the nerds.

Takashi Toshiro

Harold Wormser

  • Child Prodigy
  • Dirty Kid: At the party with the Omega Mus, its shown that because of his height he's about eye-level with the girls' chests. He's quite pleased. He also gleefully partakes in the voyeuristic observation of the Pi's after the Nerds install secret cameras in their dorms.
  • Last Name Basis
  • Tagalong Kid

Lamar Latrell

Arnold Poindexter



The Jocks

Stan Gable

Betty Childs

Frederick Aloysius "Ogre" Palowakski



Edgar Po Wong/Master Snotty

Played by James Hong