Characters / Noroi: The Curse

Masafumi Kobayashi

An Intrepid Reporter who works in Paranormal Investigation, Kobayashi's final footage labelled "The Curse" reveals he disappeared when his house burnt down and his wife was found dead. He investigated a series of connected paranormal events in the video, leading to Kagutaba.

Keiko Kobayashi

Kobayashi's devoted wife. She dies in the house fire, actually setting herself on fire under Kagutaba's influence.


Kobayashi's cameraman and the audience's POV for most of the film.

Marika Matsumoto

A popular Japanese actress who has a supernatural encounter whilst filming a TV show out in the woods. She is possessed at night and does odd things related to Kagutaba.

Mitsuo Hori

A seemingly disturbed man, Mitsuo Hori is described as a "Super Psychic" and is highly regarded by paranormal researchers. However, he wears tinfoil and lives in a house of madness. He tries to use his powers to point Kobayashi in the right direction, despairing when the little Kana disappears.

Kana Yano

A cute girl with Psychic Powers. She disappears after appearing on a TV show looking for psychic children.