Characters: Kotetsu Jeeg

Characters That Appeared in Kotetsu Jeeg(1975)

Hiroshi Shiba AKA Kotetsu Jeeg

Characters That Appeared in Kotetsushin Jeeg

Kenji Kusanagi (草薙剣児 , Kusanagi Kenji) - 17 years old.

Kenji is the main protagonist of Kotetsushin Jeeg. A high school student who is also a proficient motorcycle racer and martial artist. He and Kyo are HMB (Hyper Motor Bike) racers for Team Shiba but despite this they are clearly rivals. He becomes the pilot for Kotetsushin Jeeg when a Haniwa Genjin awakens and threatens his town. He has an incredible appetite and is always seen in the cafeteria eating huge amounts of food after each battle. He has a soft spot for his childhood friend, Tsubaki.

Tsubaki Tamashiro (珠城つばき ,Tamashiro Tsubaki) - 17 years old.

A childhood friend of Kenji, she attends the same high school and is in the same class as Kenji and Kyo. She lives in a shrine with her grandmother and serves as a shrine maiden. She also works part-time at the Build Base and is Kyo's co-pilot on the Big Shooter. She is responsible for providing Kenji with the Jeeg parts. As a child she often teased Kenji and made him cry, and lately he often infuriates her, but she genuinely cares for him.