Awesome / Kotetsu Jeeg

  • The second-to-last episode of Kotetsushin Jeeg has both the original Jeeg's pilot and the new series' pilot both become their respective Super Robots and beat the ever loving hell out of everything around them.
    • Seeing Hiroshi Shiba shout out "CHANGE CYBORG!" for the first time in years is...beautiful. Some may be disappointing that they didn't keep Toru Furuya for the part of Hiroshi, but it doesn't lessen the scene, and bless Junichi Suwabe's heart for his own part.
    • Speaking of Hiroshi himself, earlier in the same episode while he has to protect Big Shooter: "I can no longer become Jeeg. My fists are more than enough for you! Come at me, Haniwa Phantom Gods!", and when Kenji and Tsubaki return from their objective, you briefly see a pile of shattered clay phantoms in the foreground.
    • Not to mention the line he gives before the double Jeegs fight, before he jumps out of his spaceship and onto the moon to once more become the original Jeeg.
    Kenji: Hey, there's no air out there!
    Hiroshi: I don't need it. *Jumps out to form Jeeg*