[[WMG:'''Characters That Appeared in Kotetsu Jeeg(1975)''']]

!!Hiroshi Shiba AKA Kotetsu Jeeg

* {{Badass}}
** BadassBiker
* BerserkButton: Threatening his mother and little sister is a really bad idea.
* {{BFG}}: Jeeg Bazooka.
* ByThePowerOfGreyskull: BUILD UP!
* {{Cyborg}}
* {{Determinator}}
* HenshinHero:his intermediate form before turning into Jeeg looks like a superhero from a tokusatsu series.
* TheHero
* HotBloodedSideburns: Wouldn't be a 1970's Go Nagai character without theme.
* HumongousMecha: His Jeeg form.
* RocketPunch: Knuckle Bomber.

[[WMG:'''Characters That Appeared in Kotetsushin Jeeg''']]
!!Kenji Kusanagi (草薙剣児 , Kusanagi Kenji) - 17 years old.
[[TheProtagonist Kenji is the main protagonist]] of Kotetsushin Jeeg. [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent A high school student]] who is also a [[BadassBiker proficient motorcycle racer]] and martial artist. He and [[TheRival Kyo]] are HMB (Hyper Motor Bike) racers for Team Shiba but despite this they are clearly rivals. He becomes the pilot for [[SuperRobot Kotetsushin Jeeg]] when a [[MonsterOfTheWeek Haniwa Genjin]] awakens and threatens his town. [[BigEater He has an incredible appetite and is always seen in the cafeteria eating huge amounts of food after each battle]]. He has a soft spot for his childhood friend, Tsubaki.

* {{Badass}}

!!Tsubaki Tamashiro (珠城つばき ,Tamashiro Tsubaki) - 17 years old.
A childhood friend of Kenji, she attends the same high school and is in the same class as Kenji and Kyo. She lives in a shrine with her grandmother and serves as a [[{{Miko}} shrine maiden]]. She also works part-time at the Build Base and is Kyo's co-pilot on the Big Shooter. She is responsible for providing Kenji with the Jeeg parts. As a child she often teased Kenji and made him cry, and lately he often infuriates her, but she genuinely cares for him.