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Characters are listed roughly by their association with various alliances and organizations in the RP scene, although the many cases of characters with dual, fluid or ambiguous alignments should be noted. Each character's name is accompanied by the name of the RPer who created them; if there's another RPer who has also contributed heavily to that character's development through autoing, despite not formally having the rights to the character, that member will also be named.

Alliances & Organizations

Character Primer

Looking for a quick who's who? Here's a sampling of some of the more prominent characters in ORP, listed alphabetically. Each name in the following list links to that character's entry in one of the subpages above, so you can read more there.
  • Flint Blackwood
  • Terrian Brogue: The Archipelago's most neurotic so-called hero accidentally turned into its most prolific counterfeiter overnight when he discovered a lucrative exploit for his power of self-duplication.
  • Blaise Euler
  • Garth Firbolg: A youth who stumbled upon the powerful Ophiuchus Amulet, he tries to do what good he can in the world, despite his powers slowly killing him.
  • Carlos Hew
  • Daniel Huckabee
  • Valon Lorsha
  • Almudena Madeiro
  • Yoon Mangjeol: This well-connected information broker was alerted to your first step into Winstone City, and has already arranged a plan to politely destroy you for meddling in her delicate business.
  • Miko: Emperor of the militaristic Summoner Race, he's been pushing his people to approach the rest of the world with peace and diplomacy... with very limited success.
  • Nopcsa: A smarmy mindreader from the Fascere Order, an organization that deals in mystical artifacts. He finds himself frequently at odds between the goals of his employer and the well-being of his friends.
  • Hector Nyktori-Cruz: A scruffy young sailor raising his daughter and his dog in a cozy sailing ship on the seven seas. He's looking to atone for some mistakes he's made in the past.
  • Thyra Russell: A Power orphaned in the Salcester Incident a decade ago. She's now founded Terminer Academy, a school to provide young Powers with guidance so they don't need to suffer as she did.
  • Emily Schwartzwald
  • Illiana Silna
  • Silumas
  • Charles Tanner: Consciously styling himself as one of the operatic arch-criminals of old Europe, the conjurer called the "King of Clubs" pursues an agenda as fickle as the spin of a roulette wheel.
  • Natalie Ulima
  • Perry Williams: Winstone's sharp-tongued commissioner of police harbors a longstanding grudge against Powers, but recent collaborations have brought him to a difficult reckoning with his own prejudices.
  • Yoshimitsu

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     PRP Characters
Left to right: Dace and Minnow.
Dace Balao (Lee)
"The next time I see you, I'm gonna kick your butt! I'll be a ton stronger, and I'll kick your butt all ov—"

Durant Larks (Blood)

Laksha Karttikeya (Pohatu)
Left to right: Ganesh, Laksha, Matsya, Sankh.

Ophelia Larks (Blood)

Isambard Zonis (Lee)

Old Gideon McCrowley (Pohatu)