Characters are listed roughly by their association with various alliances and organizations in the [=RP=] scene, although the many cases of characters with dual, fluid or ambiguous alignments should be noted. Each character's name is accompanied by the name of the [=RPer=] who created them; if there's another [=RPer=] who has also contributed heavily to that character's development through autoing, despite not formally having the rights to the character, that member will also be named.

!Alliances & Organizations
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusWhelkshore Whelkshore Alliance]]''' [-(Thyra, Natalie, Zebedee, Sly, Rick, Merlin)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusRogues "Rogues & Brogues"]]''' [-(Terrian, Blaise, Jonas, Rhys, Alyssa, Flora)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusSouthpole South Pole Summoners]]''' [-(Miko, Yoshimitsu, Illiana, Helen, Vathale, Detlef, Gerasim, Tsubota, Joseph, Aadab, Summer)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusTerminer Terminer Academy for Exceptional Youth]]''' [-(Almudena, Tallis, Deandre, Jesse, Nessa, Alistair, Claire, Ethan, Mel, Ty, Harue, Emma Ray Jo, Franky, Dalisay, Eira, Aodhan, Mica, Rio, Silumas, Kilik, Vieve)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusGenlab Genlab]]''' [-(Rie, Ender, Cobra, Ysane, Harmony, Catch, Sandstorm)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusFascere Fascere Order]]''' [-(Nopcsa, Garth, Telrien, Tylor, Nachoset, Giguere)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusWinstone Winstone & the Giarrettieras]]''' [-(Williams, Landsvale, Davidson, Yoon, Renard, Massimo, Cesare, Nico, Channery, Mayordomo, Hooper, Staudt, The Curator, Reba)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusShahrazad Shahrazad Squad]]''' [-(Hector, Pleiades, Ari, Halley, Lorenna, Trai)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusDrakengrad Drakengrad & Allies]]''' [-(Valon, Marius, Opilia, Sabriel, Nadeshi, Theren, Yhel, Edos, Kallista, Isara, Kairon, Urhur, Balasar, Magden, Vec, Bebeodan, Esther)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusObsidian Obsidian Hearts]]''' [-(George, Emily, Berthold, Lacianus)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusTimewenders Timewenders]]''' [-(Flint, Belwyn, Didn't, Mr. Rabbit)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusCardsharks "Cardsharks"]]''' [-(Tanner, Flo, Hugh, Sikes)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusJoyeuse Joyeuse Anti-Insurgency Services]]''' [-(Huckabee, Rance, Blackbird)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusMiscGood Miscellaneous Good Guys]]''' [-(Prime, Al, Kendil, Treasach, Maude, Aquara, Nick, Achenes, Masumi, Kuro, Avery, Jacqueline, Dracon, Kara, Serpentei, Eragon)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusMiscNeutral Miscellaneous Neutral]]''' [-(Julia, Antonio, Marshall, Felix, Samm, Crookes, Habiba, Narcissa, Sarosin, Kalim, Nugget, Ryuu, Aya, Price, Rhometer, Higgledy-Piggledy)-]
* '''[[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusMiscBad Miscellaneous Bad Guys]]''' [-(Lucas, Scar, Mandelbrot, Vincent, Sacrimoni, Messechaia, Bernard, Karcharos, Shouta)-]

!Character Primer
''Looking for a quick who's who? Here's a sampling of some of the more prominent characters in ORP, listed alphabetically. Each name in the following list links to that character's entry in one of the subpages above, so you can read more there.''

* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusTimewenders#Flint Flint Blackwood]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusRogues#Terrian Terrian Brogue]]: The Archipelago's most neurotic so-called hero accidentally turned into its most prolific counterfeiter overnight when he discovered a lucrative exploit for his power of self-duplication.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusShahrazad#Hector Hector Nyktori-Cruz]]: A scruffy young sailor raising his daughter and his dog in a cozy sailing ship on the seven seas. He's looking to atone for some mistakes he's made in the past.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusRogues#Blaise Blaise Euler]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusFascere#Garth Garth Firbolg]]: A youth who stumbled upon the powerful Ophiuchus Amulet, he tries to do what good he can in the world, despite his powers slowly killing him.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusTerminer#Tallis Tallis Hew]]: A teenager from Queens who escaped his extremely unhappy home-life and was enrolled into the Terminer Academy. A technological genius with a crippling fear of animals.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusJoyeuse#Huckabee Daniel Huckabee]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusDrakengrad#Valon Valon Lorsha]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusTerminer#Almudena Almudena Madeiro]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusWinstone#Yoon Yoon Mangjeol]]: This well-connected information broker was alerted to your first step into Winstone City, and has already arranged a plan to politely destroy you for meddling in her delicate business.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusSouthpole#Miko Miko]]: Emperor of the militaristic Summoner Race, he's been pushing his people to approach the rest of the world with peace and diplomacy... with very limited success.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusGenlab#Rie Rie Nepas]]: A young woman who was raised as a child soldier and genetic experiment.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusFascere#Nopcsa Nopcsa]]: A smarmy mindreader from the Fascere Order, an organization that deals in mystical artifacts. He finds himself frequently at odds between the goals of his employer and the well-being of his friends.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusObsidian#Emily Emily Schwartzwald]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusSouthpole#Illiana Illiana Silna]]: A proud member of the South Pole Summoners, and a traveller whose primary goal is to show the rest of the world that the Summoners are not the warmongers that they are made out to be.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusTerminer#Silumas Silumas]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusCardsharks#Tanner Charles Tanner]]: Consciously styling himself as one of the operatic arch-criminals of old Europe, the conjurer called the "King of Clubs" pursues an agenda as fickle as the spin of a roulette wheel.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusWhelkshore#Thyra Thyra Russell]]: A Power orphaned in the Salcester Incident a decade ago. She's now founded Terminer Academy, a school to provide young Powers with guidance so they don't need to suffer as she did.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusWinstone#Williams Perry Williams]]: Winstone's sharp-tongued commissioner of police harbors a longstanding grudge against Powers, but recent collaborations have brought him to a difficult reckoning with his own prejudices.
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusWhelkshore#Natalie Natalie Ulima]]
* [[Characters/ArchipelagoExodusSouthpole#Yoshimitsu Yoshimitsu]]: A bio-engineered super soldier from another dimension, Yoshimitsu will always try to do what he believes is the right thing, however morally ambiguous the route there is.

[[folder: PRP Characters]]
[[caption-width-right:220:Left to right: Dace and Minnow.]]
'''Dace Balao''' (''Lee'')
* BilingualBonus: Turns out that Minnow, Dace's Burmy, doesn't just fit the ThemeNaming in the party ([[AnimalThemeNaming Fish names]]). "Minnow" could be taken as the English version of the first two syllables in Burmy/Wormadam's Japanese names (Minomutchi and Minomadam, respectively).
* BuffySpeak
* ConstantlyCurious
* CuteBruiser: Forms the CuteBruiser / LadyOfWar dynamic with Laksha.
* DeathFromAbove: Minnow's Comet Maneuver.
* GenkiGirl: ''So'' genki.
* GoshDangItToHeck: [[ Here, for instance.]]
-> "The next time I see you, I'm gonna kick your butt! I'll be a ton stronger, and I'll kick your butt all ov--"
* PluckyGirl
* ThreeAmigos: Dace fills the hero role, in Fallfish at least.
* WhenAllYouHaveIsAHammer: Minnow has exactly four moves (Bug Bite, Hidden Power, Protect, and Tackle). That doesn't keep Dace from using them in a wild variety of ways.

'''Durant Larks''' (''Blood'')
* [[ABoyAndHisX A Boy and His Bulbasaur]]
* CombatPragmatist: Taraek's creative use of his vines in battle under the blanket term "Vine Whip".
* KidWithTheLeash: As the owner of the Shadow Granbull.
* {{Nephewism}}: He currently lives with his Aunt Julie, with no idea where his parents are.
* SiblingRivalry
* ThreeAmigos: Durant fills the opposite-gender best friend role.
* UndyingLoyalty: Between Durant and Taraek, but also shown by Durant toward his human friends.

'''Laksha Karttikeya''' (''Pohatu'')
[[caption-width-right:300:Left to right: Ganesh, Laksha, Matsya, Sankh.]]
* ConvectionSchmonvection: Sankh, Laksha's Slugma, is always in danger of invoking this trope.
* Myth/HinduMythology: Inspires the names of her Pokemon (and provides her own last name).
%% * EverythingsBetterWithSpinning: Ganesh.
* LadyOfWar: Forms the LadyOfWar / CuteBruiser dynamic with Dace.
* LonelyRichKid: More the "few close friends" variety than the "uncaring parents" variety.
* {{Ojou}}: The first type.
* MistressAndServantBoy: With Ganesh.
* ThemeNaming: Her party members have names derived from Hindu mythology or Hindi/Sanskrit in general.
* ThreeAmigos: Laksha fills the same-gender best friend role.
* WiseBeyondTheirYears

'''Ophelia Larks''' (''Blood'')
* AlphabeticalThemeNaming
* {{Delinquents}}
* ForTheEvulz: Her Gengar, Shade. Spitfire and Sludge avert this, however.
* FreudianExcuse
* TheRunaway: Probably mostly Type 2.
* SiblingRivalry
* TeensAreMonsters
* ThemeNaming: Unintentionally though. Blood claims he never noticed all three of her core Pokemon have names beginning with "S". Right now it's not clear whether he'll keep the pattern up and make the trope intentional.
* TheUnfavourite

'''Isambard Zonis''' (''Lee'')
* ThisLoserIsYou: That goes for Monaco, too.

'''Old Gideon [=McCrowley=]''' (''Pohatu'')
* DeepSouth
* EverythingsBetterWithCows: Nettie makes reference to "Bessie our mad Tauros" at one point. Maybe Bessie's mad because ''he's not a girl''.
* FunetikAksent: Right down to replacing "I" with "Ah".
* [[TooDumbToFool Too Dumb to Taunt]]: Jedediah the Dunsparce.