Heartwarming / Archipelago Exodus

  • (Dis)Orientation
    • Link: Silumas, who's come across as cruel and unfeeling at best and outright wicked at first, reacts very unexpectedly to Emily's gift of a personalized cupcake, a gesture of unintimidated friendship.
    She obviously knew who he was, what he had done, if not entirely certain what he was capable of doing. Still, she dared to be kind to him.
    • Link: Evelyn's first response after Garth was thrown across the room was to ask Carlos a question that would put him at ease, instead of panicking him. Coming immediately after Mel dismissing the act and Jay being relieved, it's a sure sign that Evelyn cares about Carlos.
    • Link: In high spirits after fighting off one of Dalisay's scamps, and in gratitude for his returning his necktie, Almudena kisses Deandre's hand. Ship Tease ahoy.
    • Link: Another from Evelyn and Carlos, when Kilik offers to get Carlos out of the gym so he doesn't have to face down a room full of snakes, Evelyn is the first to jump to his defence and willingly accompanies him out of the room.