Fridge / Archipelago Exodus

Fridge Brilliance:
  • Kitten uses the sevenKind strife specibus, and her RAINBOW MODUS is based on the seven colors of the rainbow. And she was the seventh character to get a topic. Obviously just a happy accident, but still.
  • Flint's massive Sweet Tooth makes a lot more sense when you realize he's older than the Renaissance. While candy is widely available nowadays, back then sweets were rare and wildly expensive and possibly even completely unavailable to the Gelhaim. So he's binging on a delicacy that he's never had access to before.
  • Why is it Almudena can get away with swearing in Spanish in front of faculty in Terminer Academy, when so many people know Spanish in the United States? It's because in the Archipelago, the second largest population is Japanese, so most residents have Japanese as a second language instead of Spanish.
  • Mild example, but Carlos doesn't freak out when Dalisay accidentally summons a scamp into the gym. Why? It doesn't have any teeth. Carlos is specifically scared of animals with teeth due to the dog that had been trained to restrain him using its teeth