Awesome Music: Power Metal

Epicness is synonymous with Awesome Music. Power Metal is synonymous with Epicness. Now do the math.

Helloween, Kamelot, Nightwish and Therion have their own pages.
  • Van Canto. One Band. One drummer. Five singers. The only Band playing Hero Metal a capella. And doing so awesome. Not only are they playing covers of already awesome songs in an absolutely over the top kind of way. Their own songs sound even more awesome.
  • "Unleashed" by Epica.
    • "Storm The Sorrow", the perfect mix of well..everything.
    • "Consign to Oblivion (A New Age Dawns part III)". Two albums later, they're still using it as their show closer. There's a reason for this.
    • "Chasing The Dragon" for running the gamut of all they can do with their music.
    • "Martyr Of The Free Word", the key change itself is epic.
    • They also have their own version of "The Imperial March". The entire Jedi Order would have sworn allegiance to the Emperor after hearing this.
    • They took Epic Rocking to another level with "Kingdom Of Heaven".
    • "The Obsessive Devotion" is a song that a whole opera can be played around. It'll take you somewhere else. "Dance Of Fate", "Mother Of Light" and "Death Of A Dream/Living A Lie/Fools OF Damnation" are all WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY up there too.
  • Children of Bodom in general. Half of their songs exist purely to provide a framework around which to build ludicrous guitar and keyboard solos.
  • Axel Rudi Pell has released an impressive fourteen studio albums in twenty years of Awesome Music. While the lineup has changed frequently, the band still mantains a consistent and powerful sound. And even with two decades under his belt, Axel shows no sign of slowing down, either.
    • His band has Johnny Gioeli, as in the singer for Crush 40. That's right: the guy who sings most of the songs for freaking Sonic the Hedgehog is in a power metal band. Does it get any more epic than that?
  • Hibria's entire Defying the Rules album, especially the title track.
  • Avantasia's cover to "Lay All Your Love on Me".
    • Which is just a drop in the bucket for him. Add in "Twisted Mind", "The Toy Master", "The Wicked Symphony", "Dying for an Angel", "The Scarecrow" and "Scales of Justice." What makes this more awesome is that all those songs are from only two of his five albums.
    • Throw in "Journey to Arcadia" as well. A fantastic ending to the three-album Scarecrow Saga.
    • Moving away from The Wicked Trilogy and into The Metal Opera, there's "Reach Out for the Light", "Breaking Away" "Glory of Rome" and "Avantasia."
  • A lot of Delain's album April Rain, but particularly the title song and "Invidia"note .
  • Masterplan is a band with many, many, examples, but especially "Crimson Rider", "Far from the End of the World" and "Black in the Burn."
    • "Spirit Never Die":
      NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER GIVE IN! Rise from the fire if you're gonna win! Sing with your soul, soon you'll be old. Fight the demons inside you! THERE IS NO LIMIT TO WHAT CAN BE DONE! Climb every mountain with power so strong. Dusty roads, on the way. Leaving the past behind you!
  • Queensr˙che - "Queen Of The Reich", Tate's performance on this track make even Halford & Dickinson at their prime blush.
  • Freedom Call, another German band, has some pretty awesome music, too. Take "Warriors of Light" or "Warriors" as examples, especially when the guitar solos come in. PURE AWESOME.
  • Versailles has many great songs, but of note is "Faith & Decision", which, as sixteen-and-a-half minutes of pure awesome, is an Epic Rocking song that truly lives up to the trope name.
  • "The Voyage", by Timeless Miracle. How a 14-minute song manages to be this catchy defies description. All of their other music is similarly epic.
  • Primal Fear's 'Soar' has got to have one of the best opening riffs in power metal history.
  • Lonewolf's two last albums (Made in Hell and Army of the Damned) count as pure awsomeness. Some tracks that deserve mentioning are: "Divine Art of Lies", "Sea Wolf", "Lonewolf", "Army of the Damned"... and a hell of a lot of others that would fill an entire paragraph.
  • Theocracy makes christian music that is actually good. "I AM" is eleven minutes of poetic epicness. Other amazing tracks are "Mirror of Souls" and "Tower of Ashes".
  • Gloryhammer (including Christopher Bowes of Alestorm on keyboards) basically take every power metal trope and turn it Up to Eleven. Fast paced drums? Check. Fake-orchestral keyboards? Check. Vocals that range from low growls to high pitch wails? Check. Ridiculous costumes? Oh so very much check (the lead singer wears GREEN LEATHER PLATE ARMOUR!). High fantasy concept albums? Their first album tells the story of Scottish warrior Angus McFife and his quest to find the Hammer of Glory and the Amulet of Justice, and use them to defeat the evil wizard Zargothrax and his army of undead unicorns. Ridiculous song titles? The first song on their first album is called "The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee", and the last is called "The Epic Rage of Furious Thunder". Yes, they are admittedly basically a parody of Power Metal, but it's a very silly, tongue-in-cheek, "yeah we know it's stupid, but we love it so we're gonna indulge in it" kind of parody. Not to mention, their music is genuinely very awesome, once you get into the swing of how ridiculous it all is. They deserve extra points for not only being so absurdly ridiculous, that they're actually awesome, but also for being one of the few Power Metal bands to actually create a complete, comprehensive and compelling story and telling the whole story in one album.
  • While its classification as power metal is sometimes debated, This Godless Endeavor by Nevermore is one of the best metal albums of the 2000s. It manages to have some truly catchy songs while also proving that you don't need to mostly use Harsh Vocals to be brutal as hell.
  • "Inside the Circle", by Solar Fragment. Star Wars metal, featuring Hansi Kürsch as the voice of Emperor Palpatine.
  • British power metal band Neonfly, who describe themselves as 'stadium metal', are all over this trope.
    • "A Gift to Remember" from their first album, Outshine the Sun. That chorus is impossible not to sing along to.
    • Also from Outshine the Sun, "Ship With no Sails". Especially the bit from 4:03 to 4:23.
    • From their second album (Strangers in Paradise), "Whispered Dreams". "FIRE! FIRE! I'LL BE WAITING BY YOUR FUNERAL PYRE!"
    • "Heart of the Sun", also from Strangers in Paradise. It's about - of all things - a 16th-century Spanish conquistador called Lope de Aguirre. The 'we're the wrath of god' line even comes from something he supposedly once said, as does the 'princes of freedom' line.