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Awesome Music: Kamelot
  • Special mention to the highly underrated "Wander" and "Descent of the Archangel" from Epica. Goes from heavy Tearjerker to one hell of a Villain Song and does it right!
  • "Center of the Universe" from Epica.
  • "Poetry for the Poisoned" from the album of the same name. If a specific part had too be mentioned, then "Part II: So Long". Or "All is Over", for its pure contrast and vocal melody.
  • Here everyone, meet "III Ways to Epica".
  • "If Tomorrow Came": So sexy, and a topic nearly everyone can identify with.
  • "Once Upon A Time", rather emotional lyrics, but inspiring all the same.
  • "Hunter's Season": anybody could find a way to relate to it, anybody.
  • "House On A Hill", fact: Simone + Roy equals AMAZING CHILLING SONG.
  • "Necropolis": sexy riff, dirty lyrics, dark implications, contrasting vocals and very very dark...
  • "Don't You Cry". Now that is how you write a ballad.
  • "Love You To Death", the perfect balance between heartwarming and heartbreaking.
  • "A Feast for the Vain", certainly. A grand, classical-sounding song with Khan's totally sexy Mephisto voice in it. "Drowned in ecstasy", indeed.
  • "Prodigal Son", the climax of Silverthorn. Tommy Kaverik really shines here, particularly in "Part I: The Funerale".
  • "Soul Society" from The Black Halo - an amazing, soaring piece about the afterlife. The positively uncanny likeness of the song's lyrics to the premise of Bleach only sweetens the deal for fans of shonen anime and manga.


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