Awesome Music: Metroid


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  • Samus' own theme music is also worth a listen.
  • This theme music is just as, if not more awesome.
  • Metroid Metal is the best piece of Metroid music remixes you can get out there.
  • SPACE PIRATES! Why did you submit this remix as a "joke tune", virt? It's awesome!
  • Harmony of a Hunter, a two-disc tribute to the Metroid franchise as a whole. It features plenty of OverClocked ReMix veterans, but of particular note is Sam Dillard's Into the Green World, an incredible symphonic remix of Green Brinstar. It doesn't stop there, however...
    • Sam Dillard's 3 mixes are among the best in the album. Besides "Into the Green World", he also did a medley of the ending themes, which was so well done that ACTUAL COMPOSERS COULDN'T TELL IT WAS MIDI.
    • And Sam Dillard's third masterpiece is Crimson Depths, seamlessly blending together "Kraid's Lair" and "Red Soil" and perfectly capturing the mystery and beauty of an alien world.
    • Here are two other greats from the album: Desperation fittingly paints the picture of an heroic escape, while Melting Sun is a touching send-off to Rundas.
    • It got a sequel: Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run
    • Special mention must be made to Gravity, a piece that takes Nightmare's already foreboding theme and makes something truly nightmarish out of it.
      • Theophany, the remixer behind Gravity, returned in Harmony of Heroes to bring us From the Depths, a genre-blending, epic-scale rendition of Brinstar Depths.
    • Also from Harmony of Heroes comes Dark Intelligence, possibly the greatest version of Ridley's theme to date. Menacing, powerful, intense, and even hauntingly emotional thanks to a One-Woman Wail, it's perfect for Samus Aran's arch nemesis. And as the cherry on top, it ends with a rendition of the classic "game start" theme that starts with a beautiful piano and ends with a triumphant full orchestra.
  • Viewers of ScrewAttack's "Top 10" videos probably recognize the tune in the background at the beginning and towards the end as a Metroid remix, and may be wondering where to find it. Well, look no further!