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  • Metroid Metal is the best piece of Metroid music remixes you can get out there.
  • SPACE PIRATES! Why did you submit this remix as a "joke tune", virt? It's awesome!
  • Harmony of a Hunter and Harmony of a Hunter: 101% Run, a combined five-disc tribute to the Metroid franchise as a whole. It features plenty of OverClocked ReMix veterans, but of particular note is Sam Dillard's Into the Green World, an incredible symphonic remix of Green Brinstar. It doesn't stop there, however...
    • Sam Dillard's 3 mixes are among the best in the first album. Besides "Into the Green World", he also did a medley of the ending themes, which was so well done that ACTUAL COMPOSERS COULDN'T TELL IT WAS MIDI.
    • Another Sam Dillard masterpiece is Crimson Depths, seamlessly blending together "Kraid's Lair" and "Red Soil" and perfectly capturing the mystery and beauty of an alien world.
    • And, in 101% Run, Sam Dillard delivers yet another masterpiece in the form of Beyond The Glass, which takes the soothing Maridia theme and makes it a dark, ominous, dramatic, and foreboding piece of music.
    • Here are two other greats from the album: Desperation fittingly paints the picture of an heroic escape, while Melting Sun is a touching send-off to Rundas.
    • Special mention must be made to Gravity, a piece that takes Nightmare's already foreboding theme and makes something truly nightmarish out of it.
    • Path of Ruin takes the catchy Chozo Ruins theme from Metroid Prime and somehow makes it even more pleasing to the ear. Smooth jazz will be deployed.
  • Harmony of Heroes, a Super Smash Bros.-themed Spiritual Successor to Harmony of a Hunter, continues the tradition of fantastic Metroid remixes:
    • Theophany, the remixer behind Gravity, returned in Harmony of Heroes to bring us From the Depths, a genre-blending, epic-scale rendition of Brinstar Depths.
    • Rozen's Dark Intelligence, possibly the greatest version of Ridley's theme to date. Menacing, powerful, intense, and even hauntingly emotional thanks to a One-Woman Wail, it's perfect for Samus Aran's arch nemesis. And as the cherry on top, it ends with a rendition of the classic "game start" theme that starts with a beautiful piano and ends with a triumphant full orchestra.
    • Sam Dillard returns with Edge Of The Labyrinth, a mysterious yet beautiful remix of the Norfair theme from the original Metroid.
  • Viewers of ScrewAttack's "Top 10" videos probably recognize the tune in the background at the beginning and towards the end as a Metroid remix, and may be wondering where to find it. Well, look no further!
  • Hauntershadow made a name for himself on YouTube by making tons of Metroid mixes and mashups. After he closed his original channel, a fan put together the RememberingHS channel to preserve his legacy, and the rest of his mixes can be found on his Google Drive. Fortunately, he returned to YouTube in 2016 under the new name Zen Phoenix, to which he has since uploaded both old and new mixes. Here are a few highlights:
    • Duel of Destiny combines a multitude of Metroid songs into what could be a fantastic soundtrack for a final showdown.
    • Into the Depths mixes together both the Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes versions of the Red Brinstar theme, as well as the Crashed Frigate theme from the first Prime, making for a beautiful and lulling experience.
    • The Prologue mixes together several opening Metroid themes from across the series, ultimately building up to Samus Aran's triumphant theme. It could easily serve as music for a Metroid trailer.
    • Forest Temple Depths mixes in several Metroid songs with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's Forest Temple theme to create an unsettling experience. It becomes even more tense during the second half, when the drumbeat from Flaahgra's theme comes in and makes you feel like you're being stalked by an unseen monster in the shadows.
    • Spirit Temple Torvus opens with the "Requiem of Spirit" and then segues into a blend of the Spirit Temple's haunting beauty and the Torvus Bog's mysterious atmosphere.
    • Dark Link vs Dark Samus, mashing together the boss themes from Nintendo's favorite Evil Counterparts.
    • Dark Samus, which may as well be her definitive theme. This mix combines both of her themes from 2 and 3, even adding the game over sound from the former.
    • Ultima Prime, which, as the "Metroid Megamix" in its title implies, mixes several Metroid songs in a single amazing package.
  • Forgotten Beasts by razanak7 mixes together several Metroid boss themes with those from Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, BIONICLE Heroes, and Epic Mickey to create what was originally envisioned by the mixer as a menacing theme for Mother Brain.
  • Not content with restricting itself to the Return of Samus soundtrack, Another Metroid 2 Remake features remixes of Metroid tunes from across the series. You can listen to the whole soundtrack (as of v1.41) here, but here are a few stand-out tracks:
    • Hydro Station is upbeat and catchy just like the original "Green Brinstar" theme, yet it also has a surprisingly somewhat somber tone. It's rather fitting to the tone of exploring the remnants of SR388's Chozo colony, now empty and devoid of life except the old automatons that are still carrying out their duties many years later.
    • Fans appear to especially enjoy the build-up of the Tower music, starting with quiet ambience and then, once the power turns on, kicking in with a Sanctuary Fortress-inspired remix of "Lower Norfair".
  • What would Dark Samus' theme sound like in Metroid Prime 4? Maybe something like this! RetroSpecter, who's already made some fantastic remixes, takes Dark Samus' already very menacing theme and turns it into a very intense beat, complete with an alarm that only solidifies the (possible) fact that the Metroid Prime/Dark Hunter is back again, and she's pissed.
  • The fan-made piano rendition of the Crateria theme is just as gorgeous as the original.
  • Relics of the Chozo, Overclocked Remix's first album from 2003, provides many Super Metroid remixes.