Awesome: Unsounded

  • Duane first shows his aptitude for man-to-man magic combat when he curb stomps Bett in their short duel, catching Bett's own amateurish spells and using them against him. Even a summoned monster doesn't stay under Bett's control for more than a few seconds.
  • The comic has several instances where fancy magic effects are used, but the scene in the tomb where Duane is trying to heal poor Cara as she lies dying, with magical fire extending beyond the edge of the comic page, burning into the website itself, until it suddenly goes dark when Cara dies in Duane's arms. Easily one of the comic's most striking scenes, and a crowning moment of awesome for its creator.
  • Duane successfully performing a mountain punch. Quigley's reaction is glorious.
  • Quigley managing to hold his own against (and almost defeat!) Anadyne and Knock-Me-Down Frummagem despite having extra encumbrance in the form of Matty clinging to his back while he fought... then Starfish had to come ruin the day, and things no longer looked good for the Quigleys.
    • Then BAM comes Jivi on Uaid with an epic Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • Jivi has a very badass night in Chapter 6. First he tricks Ephsephin into drinking whiskey filled with exploding mousetraps, greviously wounding him. He then escapes his cell, knocks out Cutter, who's attacking him, and finally comes back piloting Uaid to save the Red Berry Boys' captives along with Quigley and Matty.
  • Quigley gets a moment in his backstory: He comes home to find his wife dead (and partly charcoal), her forge demolished, Matty blinded and Vienne's masterwork, Uaid, gone. So what does he do? Strap Matty to his back and raid the municipal office in an attack he didn't expect to survive...and managed to get out not only alive, but with the construct, and managed to get across the border into Cresce!
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