Heartwarming / Unsounded

  • In which Duane hugs Sette, and Sette is less of a selfish, foulmouthed little brat than usual.
  • Such a sky.
  • Sette rather uncharacteristically jumping to help the strange fetus creatures when they ask for her help. She looks so happy about it, too.
  • Best wife in centuries.
  • Sette growing a conscience and feeling empathy for Duane. "...I think he was only a Da' all along."
  • Elka returning the Peaceguard badge in gratitude to Elan after being saved by him. That's the smile of a Butt-Monkey Dirty Cop finally getting to feel proud of himself.
  • Vienne of Seferpine is largely a story of fear, darkness, and uncertainty roiling beneath a thin veneer of happiness, but there is one moment of true joy towards the end, when Vienne finally finishes Chitz. She is worried that Matty will hate its ugly, slapdash appearance, but:
    “I know it’s not as fine as the waistcoated rabbit Mrs. Perierre made but you can imagine it’s whatever you want-”
    “It is a hound!” Matty said, grabbing it in his porcelain-white hands. “It’s Jenner! Can we put a ghost in it, mama? Like Uaid?”
    “No more ghosts for now,” Vienne said, wrapping her arms around him. “Let’s go out into the rain tomorrow. No ghosts, no Uaid, no work. We’ll have a picnic with the sheep and monnies in the grasslands. We’ll bring the paper and make predictions over all next quarter’s duels. All right?”
    Matty nodded, flipping over the poppet’s button eyes in mild fascination. Vienne fingered his hair.
    “But you know, Matty, if you want to go to the Childrens’ House instead, that is all right too.”
    “No,” he said without hesitation. “You would be alone.”
    “But I have Gerald here and Ronald and the lads and Uaid too. It’s not your job to be my friend.”
    “No.” Matty shook his head. “No.”
  • After the very long, rough arc of fighting the First Silver monster, and Sette learning that her father tricked her, she's still holding onto her loyalty and tells Duane he'll have to kill her before he gets to her father. When Duane reaffirms his loyalty, she completely breaks down, and he and Boo comfort her.
    Duane: For all my bluster, have you not yet realized there are precious few things in this world I would not do for you? ... Shh...we'll make it right.
  • The morning after the battle with the First Silver monster, it comes up in a conversation that Duane is a horrible judge of character. When Duane denies this, Sette points to herself and their friendship as an example. Duane has this to say in response:
  • Page 90 of chapter 12, gives us three moments one after the other, first Duane's clear pride in Jivi defending himself, then despite their earlier fight Sette saves Jivi's cap when he looses it, and finally we see the smaller childlike water women helping to mend the larger ones after they are wounded in the fighting, the big sister clearly adore them for it.
  • Page 13 of Chapter 13 finally reveals a non flashback version of Sette's dad, and it's instantly clear that Sette's trademark outfit is based on his own, that's right Sette runs around effectively cosplaying as her own dad!