Awesome / TwoKinds

  • Any time Templar!Trace takes over, up until the first tower shows up...
  • Trace yelling "Shut Up" during Flora's Pregnancy confession seems like a ship-sinking moment at first. Trace, however, takes full control of the situation by declaring that he's not mad, nor doesn't care how absurd the whole thing sounds.
    Trace: I know you. You don't have to explain yourself to me - or to anyone else for that matter! If you say it's the truth, then I believe it!
  • Red and Sythe devising a plan to take out the assassin that's after them. Their acting is good enough that Raine thought Sythe was really serious about abandoning them. Next thing you know Natani's brother Zen is on the ground with a concussion.
  • Trace rescues Maeve's mother then terrifies an entire squad of templar extremists out to obliterate the town he's in because there's a peace conference with the nearby tiger Keidran for an Enemy Mine alliance against a pack of antagonizing wolf-keidran that they're both at war with. And he does it all by simply causing their rain of fire spells to crash into each other. The leader of this sect tries desperately to keep them from running away, until he starts to panic when a dragon shows up.
    Trace:"I am the Grand Templar. You will obey me. And I said... STOP!"
  • The Dragon, Reni, gets one also when the templar's leader tries to convince his remaining followers not to panic and flee because their magic shields can handle a "juvenile" dragon's breath. She goes and slams one of them to the ground with her sheer bulk. The leader then declares they've completed their mission and zaps out.