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YMMV: TwoKinds
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Eric pretty much embodies all of the contradictions inherent in institutionalized slavery - he's a slave trader who appears to be an otherwise decent man who genuinely cares for his slaves, even while he exploits their labor and even uses them for sex. He's a hypocrite, but he can claim (with some justification) that by keeping them, he's protecting them from others far worse. In short, he's a bundle of contradictions, rather like real world people like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.
  • Fridge Horror: Eric keeps all of his slaves under a spell (except for Kathrin) that compels them to obey him. Coupled with the fact that he admitted that he slept with some of the female slaves, we can only conclude that Eric is a rapist. ...Unless they were all released temporarily to choose for themselves like Kathrin, or it was just Kathrin he actually slept with.
    • Eric specifies that he is not having sex with Kathrin because he considers her more a little sister than love interest (bummer for her, since she's one Keidran actually in love with him), but also that he is active with his other female slaves. Considering how terrified Mike was about Eric finding out his apparent Gender Bender situation, the implications are unfortunate.
  • Growing the Beard: From Chapter 7 onwards the comic shows a vast deal of improvement from previous chapters, especially the one directly preceding it.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Shaping up to be this in comic #814, where Natani absently notes how glad she is Zen is currently "absent" from her mind and thusly can't tease her about planting a Big Damn Kiss on Keith after what was essentially a mutual love confession. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that the reason for Zen's absence is because his quarry just knocked him out cold and are planning on executing him because it's too dangerous to let him go.
  • Ho Yay: Keith and Nickolai; Mike and Evals. The latter pair can somewhat be overlooked, considering Mike is cursed to look like a hot girl. Everyone in the comic seems to think that Keith and Natani are like this, the readers know better.
    • About Keith and Natani, Natani is only starting to not think of herself as male. Partially-destroyed soul and all that.
  • Les Yay: Flora and Kathrin's relationship on the ship and right after was somewhat uncomfortable.
  • Nightmare Fuel: I let the image speak for itself.
    Trace!Templar!Trace: STOP HURTING FLORA!
  • Trolling Creator: Tom's April Fool's pranks, which get more and more elaborate (not to mention epic) each year. Sadly, after the 2014 prank, he's promised not to do any more.
  • The Woobie: Poor, poor Keith.

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