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Fridge: Unsounded
Fridge Brilliance
  • Duane's face looks almost human when the story begins, but becomes grayer and more run-down as the story progresses. This is because his glamour is slowly failing due to an increasing lack of beauty to draw from, and also because of psychological complications (he hates it, since it's like he's living a lie). Confirmed by Word of God here.
    • Also, Duane's glamour that makes him look like a normal person breaks if you look him in the eye. Why? Because Duane's too honest for his own good, and he can't lie to you if you're looking into his eyes.
      • And adding on to that, when is the only time when the viewers are able to see Duane's true face? When we can see his eyes.
  • The title of the comic is "Unsounded" and Duane is a tacit caster, meaning he can cast spells without speaking. In other worse, he doesn't have to sound them out, they're unsounded.
    • Actually, the author apparently named the comic after a passage from Moby-Dick, which uses "unsounded" to mean "unknown" or "unexplored", so this is probably not the intended reading.
    • It may just be a general maritime reference, since the depth of a body of water not sounded is unknown. Therefore, a body of water that never has been sounded could be referred to as "unsounded".
  • Early on in the story, Sette tries to guess Duane's name and guesses it's "Elizabeth". Later on, she asks Murkoph his name, and he suggests Elizabeth. A few pages later, we learn that the name of Mikaila's childhood friend is Lizbeth (possibly short for Elizabeth).

Fridge Horror
  • According to Word of God, Matty can't "turn off" Chitz if he doesn't want to see something. Now look at this page (spoilers). Why would Starfish pick up Chitz for Matty? Look at where he's pointing it. Starfish is forcing Matty to watch his father die. Has an additional note of Tear Jerker when you notice how Matty is desperately trying to shut his eyes...

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