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Awesome: Tomb Raider (2013)
  • Lara using the other versions' Guns Akimbo to take down the Final Boss.
  • Lara, having had enough of being brutalised by the bad guys, manages to get herself a grenade launcher, and all hell breaks loose.
    Mook: Oh shit, she's got a grenade launcher! Run!
    Lara: That's right! Run, you bastards! I'M COMING FOR YOU ALL!
    • This quote is even more awesome in context: Lara has just fought her way through a town full of crazed Solarii, watched one of her close friends die, and finally managed to rescue Sam from the clutches of the Solarii. But then Lara was captured, and managed to escape through the initiation caves of the Solarii; where they toss new recruits into a sulfur-filled cave with no food or water for days. Lara promptly breaks out of that, frees her friends, and starts to annihilate the palace of the Solarii by detonating the natural gas beneath the palace. At this point, the player is likely just as pissed off at the Solarii as Lara is, and the sight of the Solarii running from the one girl is so damn invigorating.
    • The music kicking in the instant you blow down the first door with it certainly helps add atmosphere to the rampage.
  • Near the end, Lara vs a small army of undead samurai ninjas. Guess who wins.
    Lara: All right, you bastards. Let's see what you've got!
  • Compared to Lara at the beginning of the game, when she pleads with the scavengers to leave her alone or question why they're attacking her, to the confidence-filled taunts and Badass Boasts she sports after getting the fire arrows onward are one crowning moment after another, showing quite clearly that by the time she's daring them to try running from her, she's fresh out of fucks to give.
  • Lara using her torch to impale the Sun God Himiko herself in order to save Sam.
  • Grim's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Lara's entire trek through the final level of the game. No matter what Himiko, the Solarii, and the Stormguard throw at her, it barely even slows her down as she smashes through them and climbs/leaps her way over gaping chasms during gale-force winds and bolts of lightning to reach her goal.
  • Roth taking an axe to the back to protect Lara.
  • The first fight against an armored mook is followed by a random mook exiting a nearby building.
    Mook: Oh, shit! She's still alive?
    Lara: Yes. I'm still alive.
    • Time it right, and the second line comes in the form of a pre-mortem one liner.
  • Lara's confrontation with Nikolai. At first she is forced to take cover whilst he fires a machine gun turret but then she ziplines over to him and kicks him in the face. He quickly gains the upper hand, throws her off the roof and begins shooting at her whilst shouting violent threats. But this all changes when Lara spots the grenade launcher, fixes it to her rifle and takes aim. Nikolai's gloating turns to pure terror and he can only shout in horror before she fires.
    • This fight is even more satisfying when you remember the brutal beatdown Nikolai gave her earlier. Now he's the defenseless one.
  • Despite Reyes' Jerk Justifications concerning Roth's death, Lara doesn't hesitate in holding her tongue when the other woman blames her for Alex's death.
    Reyes: Seems anyone caught with you has a pretty low survival rate.
    Lara: Better keep your distance then.
    • Which later makes it a CMOA in itself when she - easily the most sceptical of the Endurance crew, tells Lara that she's not leaving them behind during the trek up to the Sun Goddess' shrine in the finale.
  • Lara's David Versus Goliath fight against Dmitri aboard the wreck of the Endurance. He must outweigh her by about 200 pounds, and she still eventually just yells at him to shut the hell up after she's had enough of his Boss Banter.
    Dmitri: Get back here, little rat!
    Lara: I'll show you what this little rat can do!
    • Her reaction to his incessant Boss Banter when she lands a number of hits, greatly injuring him.
    Dmitri: *insert constant blathering here*
    Lara: Will you SHUT UP?!
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