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Awesome: The Blacklist
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    Season 1 
  • Liz moving forward by eventually confronting Tom about the cache of passports and money that she found in their residence.
    • Though the fact she could have done this in the first episode makes it a little less awesome.
  • Reddington tossing The Stewmaker into his own chemical stew.
  • Ressler driving a nuclear car-bomb into the sea to contain the radiation, with less than a minute before detonation, and succeeding.
    • He gets another earlier when he walks into a meeting with a druglord and Reddington introduces him as an FBI agent. Despite being held at knifepoint, he overpowers the guards and sells the druglord on the lie that he's a Lawman Gone Bad and Red's man inside the FBI. And this despite always being played as not that bright.
    • And in 'The Courier' when he pretends to be the title character in front of a contractor and even cuts himself with a broken wine bottle to prove that he is the real deal (as The Courier is known for his inability to feel pain). Sure, it doesn't work, but it's still awesome.
  • Liz and Reddington are talking to a crooked plastic surgeon who refuses to reveal the new identity of a terrorist who had his face surgically altered. Liz identifies herself as an FBI agent and reveals that Reddington is now working for the FBI. Faced with the threat of jail time, the surgeon caves in and gives them the information they need. As soon as they have what they came for, Reddington and Liz fake outrage at how easily the surgeon failed their Secret Test of Character and now they will have to find another plastic surgeon to work with who won't betray his clients' secrets as soon as the FBI is mentioned. As they leave, the surgeon is begging Reddington to give him another chance.
  • Liz kicking all kinds of ass during "Anslo Garrick".
    • From the same episode: Reddington saving Ressler's life with an impromptu blood transfusion.
  • Reddington proving that he has Nerves of Steel when the attack against the Post Office begins. When Ressler goes down, he calmly searches for the key to his restraints, snatches up Ressler's sidearm, picks up a shotgun and performs a successful tactical retreat with the wounded Agent to the Post Office holding cell, efficiently distracting and eliminating several of the mercenaries bearing down on them with a combination of gunfire and a perfectly timed flashbang grenade. Later, Red has fun casually mocking an incredibly unstable Anslo Garrick, who is only prevented from killing him by the bulletproof glass around the holding cell.
    • Like him or hate him, it is certainly impressive than Anslo Garrick can overwhelm the entire FBI SWAT task force in the building within minutes and stand unmatched.
  • Aram manning up to shoot the mercenary threatening to kill Liz by shooting her neck.
  • Ressler killing one of Anslo's soldier, despite having a large shotgun wound in his leg.
  • Red killing Anslo with a well placed stab in the back on the neck.
  • Ms. Kaplan's team. One minute a bunch of normal-looking guys show up. The next minute they're storming the observation outpost, curbstomping everyone in their way.
  • Throughout "The Good Samaritan Killer" we see what happens when you truly manage to piss off Raymond Reddington.
    • Especially epic is the montage near the beginning of the episode, set to "The Man Comes Around".
    • When Red barges into a restaurant where one of the people who facilitated the operation is having dinner, he rapidly decimates the man's security detail with some perfectly timed shots from his M1911A1, preventing them from getting even a single round off.
    • Reddington's threat to Aram, the supposed financier of the Garrick operation. He takes a gun out, but he doesn't threaten to shoot him. He disassembles the gun and empties the magazine. He informs Aram that if he doesn't make an untraceable transfer of five million dollars to Reddington before Reddington finishes assembling and reloading the gun, then he will shoot him. The best part? Red didn't even want the money, he was just trying to prove that Aram wasn't actually the financier.
  • Red finally meeting the mole Diane Fowler and tying off that loose end with some well placed bullets.
  • Madeline Pratt actually manages to manipulate Reddington in order to carry out her heist. Though Red gets her back.
  • Tom Keen finally gets several when He breaks cover, revealing that he's the assassin Red made him out to be, has memorized the layout of the post office, beats Jolene Parker half to death before strangling her and executes The Cowboy. Not bad for a character that at times has been The Scrappy of the show.
  • The Pavovich Brothers get one for being able to secure Bad Ass Professional Killer Tom Keen
  • Tom gets one when he gives an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Liz and overpowers her after she handcuffs him and breaks his thumb.
  • In a nice Pay Evil unto Evil moment, Liz reveals to Vogel that she's infected him with the same virus he's been using to coerce people into aiding Berlin's plan in order to force his cooperation.
  • Red raiding Berlin's safehouse in "Berlin: Conclusion". He just shows up and eliminates all the guards without breaking stride.

    Season 2 
  • The Introductory Sequence in 'Lord Baltimore'. Seemingly kidnapped by a Smug Snake African Warlord who is waving a gun in his face, Red calmly shows whose boss by deploying the Hellfire missiles he recently purchased and to top things off smugly sets fire to the gigantic pile of money, knowing that the Warlord won't be able to stop him
    • The Mossad kidon team nailed Reddington by surprise.
    • At the same time, Lord Baltimore in person leads an operation to take out the US Marshals guarding Naomi Hyland by using blitzkrieg-like tactics before Liz can call for backup.
  • Niko's attempt to blackmail Reddington in 'Dr. James Covington', with Reddington managing to do the same and killing him.
  • In "Mombasa Cartel", Liz manages to make Reddington cooperate more by having Ezra, one of his snipers arrested by a FBI SWAT team.
    • The Reveal at the end when Tom is shown to be alive and locked up by Liz.
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