Heartwarming / The Blacklist

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    Season 1 
  • In "The Judge," Red goes to see an old friend and Annapolis roommate from before he became a criminal for information. Said friend lost his job when Red defected and more or less had his life ruined. In exchange for what he needs, Red offers to help him get his life back together with the help of some "friends" of Red's. Those "friends" turn out to be Harold Cooper, who agrees to see what he can do.
  • Harold trying his best to comfort Ressler in "Mako Tanida" after Audrey died due to massive blood loss when she was shot by Tanida in the stomach.
    • In his own slightly twisted way, Red does the same, sending Ressler exactly what he said he wanted in the beginning of the episode (Tanida's head on a platter) along with a note expressing his sympathies and letting Ressler know he's not alone in dealing with his loss.
  • The final few minutes of "Ivan." Throughout the episode, Red has been putting together a mysterious device. It's assumed this is something related to the Blacklist or his pursuit of Berlin. At the end of the episode, when Liz visits him, the device is shown in its entirety—it's a music box. A music box that plays the same tune Liz used to fall asleep to as a little girl. She breaks down in Red's arms as it plays, Red assuring her that things will be alright. Whether she's actually his daughter or not, he cares for her as he would his own.
    Red: You know you're going to be okay, don't you? You know everything is going to be okay.

    Season 2 
  • Reddington goes to visit Cooper, recovering from his house in "Lord Baltimore," and tells him that there's nothing bad about his crippled state after nearly being killed by Berlin's assassins.
  • Cooper goes out of his way to tell Liz that he's available to help her for moral support ever since the events of the first season in "Dr. James Covington."
  • In "The Front," Samar becomes exposed to a lethal virus. Liz decides to risk her own life to keep Samar company so that she won't have to die alone. Naturally, a cure is found in time to save both of them.
  • Reddington reveals in "The Mombasa Cartel" that he saved Dembe's life in Kenya and funded his education up until university-level when he confronts the episode's Big Bad.
    • This makes two Blacklisters connected to Dembe. It seems Red didn't just make the list based on who the bigger threats to innocents were or who his enemies were; he put Floriana Campos and the Mombasa Cartel on the list because they hurt and abused the boy he raised as his own. Don't fuck with the people Red loves.
    • Dembe actually intercedes on behalf of the Mombasa Cartel's leader.
    Dembe: Raymond, don't. That was the past. Killing him now has no meaning.
    Reddington: (to the cartel leader) You see? He's a good man. We're not.
  • At the end of "Tom Connolly," Cooper tells Liz to run and hide with Reddington despite feeling obligated to turn her in since she assassinated the Attorney General.
  • Wilcox giving money to a homeless man, then helping him find shelter for the cold evening in "The Deer Hunter," cementing his status as one of the truly selfless and caring characters in the series, even though he ends up with nothing to show for it.
  • When a disappointed Liz neglects celebrating her own birthday in "The Longevity Initiative," Ressler goes out of his way to bring food to her office so that the two of them can celebrate together.
  • In a way, Liz destroying her own personal life by murdering the Attorney General is this. For someone so moral and who has constantly taken issue with the lines men like Reddington gleefully cross on a regular basis, the fact that she's willing to break her own principles in order to protect her fellow FBI agents who will soon begin hunting her down is a major gesture of how much she cares for them.

    Season 3 
  • Dembe voluntarily giving himself up to Mathias Solomon, trading his life for his daughter and granddaughter.
  • Reddington's determination to find Dembe.
    "Dembe is more than an associate to me."
  • In "Arioch Cain," Reddington sitting by Dembe's hospital bed, watching over him.
  • Tom's willingness to help Liz clear her name of the fake charges made by the Cabal by going undercover at Cooper's behest.
  • In "Sir Crispin Crandall", seeing Keen taking care of Dembe.
    • To get the Building Inspector to ignore them, Reddington promises him that after they were done with it he was giving the building to him so his girlfriend can fulfill her dream of owning a pastry business.
  • Aram staring down the Director and his CIA goons with a gun in his hand, ready to die to keep them from taking Liz away to dispose of her.
  • Liz thanking everyone who sent their regards to her after she was attacked in a parking lot.

    Season 4 
  • Mr. Kaplan going out of her way to help Liz escape from Reddington, despite the fact that Reddington takes it as disobeying his orders.
  • Reddington does the right thing for Mr. Kaplan by ensuring that the WITSEC list recovered in "The Harem" doesn't get used by criminals/terrorists.