Awesome / The Berenstain Bears

  • Sister beating a bully by herself after being coached by Brother.
  • Papa diffusing Mama and the cubs' room-cleaning dilemma in "The Messy Room".
  • Brother Bear winning a full-court basketball match against Too-Tall and his gang, because they have been smoking and are unhealthy.
  • In "The Wheelchair Commando", Brother stands up for Harry against Too-Tall, to which Harry responds by mocking Brother about only helping him because he's a "cripple". Brother proceeds to give Harry a short but powerful "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he'd do that for anyone that was being bullied by Too-Tall, which several bystanders confirm complete with a story about Brother beating the stuffing out of Too-Tall before tossing him in a dumpster for hassling Sister's ballet class. Harry is shocked and apologizes for his prejudice, which Brother, in a second moment of awesome, accepts.