Awesome / The Berenstain Bears

  • Sister beating a bully by herself after being coached by Brother.
  • Papa diffusing Mama and the cubs' room-cleaning dilemma in "The Messy Room".
  • Brother Bear winning a full-court basketball match against Too-Tall and his gang, because they have been smoking and are unhealthy.
  • In "The Wheelchair Commando", Brother stands up for Harry against Too-Tall, to which Harry responds by mocking Brother about only helping him because he's a "cripple". Brother proceeds to give Harry a short but powerful "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how he'd do that for anyone that was being bullied by Too-Tall, which several bystanders confirm, complete with a story about Brother beating the stuffing out of Too-Tall, before tossing him in a dumpster for hassling Sister's ballet class. Harry is shocked and apologizes for his prejudice, which Brother, in a second moment of awesome, accepts.
  • In "The Dress Code", F.R.E.E.S., the students challenging the school dress code, go into a debate against B.O.R.E., the adults and school faculty in favor of the dress code. Instead of saying anything, however, F.R.E.E.S. just shows off some pictures of the wild fashions Papa Bear, Miss Glitch, and Vice-Principal Grizzmeyer, the B.O.R.E. debaters, wore in their younger days. This embarrasses them so much that they yield the debate, giving F.R.E.E.S. the win without them saying a word.
  • The cubs defusing a Feuding Families scenario by a brilliantly acted rendition of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Ferdy manages to memorize the rules for football in a night.