Heartwarming / The Berenstain Bears

  • In "The Wheelchair Commando" Too-Tall's gang immediately comes up with a new nickname for Harry McGill, the new kid who's in a wheelchair, when they're told that calling him "cripple" is offensive. Even Evil Has Standards where respect is concerned.
  • Harry McGill thanking Too-Tall for giving him a cool nickname in "The Wheelchair Commando" after beating Too-Tall in wheelchair basketball. In turn Too-Tall becomes friends with him after the game, and gains respect for him.
  • Also when Bonnie starts crying following Lizzie uncovering a plot to blow up Bonnie's Uncle Squire Grizzly's home and lamenting over how close it was if not for the Contrived Coincidence, Too-Tall makes her smile by deliberately mispronouncing "coinky-dink" as he did earlier in the story by accident.
  • On the PBS version, "The Big Race," in which Brother, Freddy and even Too-Tall, who's supposed to be the neighborhood bully, split their straws so that Kenny, the youngest of their group, has the longest straw and gets to be the one to drive the racecar. Especially since it appears to be a decision they all come to on the spot, simultaneously, with nothing more than a look passing between them. Also, just the fact that they treat him kindly in general. When he first asks to join their group, they really already have everything pretty much covered. So he ends up mostly just observing and performing You, Get Me Coffee sort of tasks, up until he helps them in getting a wheel. Yet, not once do they suggest in any way that they don't want him to be there and in fact make him feel valued for what he's able to do for them. It's really quite touching.
  • In "Nothing to Do" on the PBS version, Brother and Sister sit around bored, and are dismissive of Mama's suggestions of ways to relieve their boredom, such as picking raspberries or going on a walk. When she suggests some work around the house to do, however, suddenly they decide that maybe her other suggestions aren't such a bad idea. Then, they overhear Papa telling her that he's done with his chores for the day, and Mama lamenting how she's barely started on her own. When Papa offers to help her, they feel like total jerks and decide to surprise them by doing all of the downstairs chores, while the two are working upstairs. They even finish fast enough to set up a surprise picnic so that everyone can enjoy the sunny day when they're done with their work.