Characters: The Berenstain Bears

Since Stan and Jan Berenstain populated their books with Loads and Loads of Characters, it's natural that they'd get their own character sheet.

The Bear Family

Papa Bear

First appearance: The Big Honey Hunt

Mama Bear

First appearance: The Big Honey Hunt

Small Bear / Brother Bear

The firstborn cub in the family. Originally named Small Bear in the earliest books, his name changed following Sister's birth.

First appearance: The Big Honey Hunt

Sister Bear

First appearance: New Baby

Honey Bear

First appearance: And Baby Makes Five


The family's seldom-seen pet dog. First appearance: The Trouble with Pets
  • Team Pet: Has played this role off and on.


Gramps and Gran

First appearance: The Sitter



Brother and Sister's cousin.

Other Cubs

Lizzy Bruin

Sister's best friend. First appearance: The Trouble with Friends

Queenie McBear

Too-Tall Grizzly

The local bully at Bear Country Elementary. Sometimes cons Brother into helping him with his pranks.

Other Beartown Citizens

Mayor Horace J. Honeypot

  • Porky Pig Pronunciation: He tends to get the fronts and backs of his words mixed up. (Example: "What beems to see the bubble - er, seems to be the trouble?")
    • Averted in the main books and the 2003 series, where he speaks normally.

Professor Actual Factual

Farmer Ben

The local farmer.
  • Properly Paranoid: Is described as a "suspicious old coot who will count his fingers after shaking hands with you" by Ralph Ripoff.

Raffish Ralph / Ralph Ripoff

A con artist who is Beartown's leading crook and swindler. Papa is his favorite sucker since he always falls for his scams. First appearances: "The Terrible Termite" (TV series), The Prize Pumpkin (books).

  • Canon Foreigner: Originally appeared in the TV series and then made a cameo appearance in The Prize Pumpkin. Later became a recurring antagonist of the Scouts chapter books.
  • Disney Death: In one Bear Scouts book, two cons attempt to murder him when he catches on to their scheme by tying him up and dumping him in a lake. He survives by escaping from the ropes, thanks to his old days as a magician and escape artist.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In one episode of the cartoon, he actually refused to assist McGreed in his scheme for that episode.
    • And in one Bear Scouts book, he was infuriated when two other cons managed to get away with all but a few dollars of the funds that were planned to be used to build a new hospital wing. May also double as Hypocritical Humor, though even he has never gone that far.
    • Don't forget the Bear Scouts book that dealt with drug pushers. He was irate when he found the drugs hidden in his houseboat and very frankly informs the cubs that he'd never sell or do anything that would legitimately endanger them.
  • Honest John's Dealership
  • I Have Many Names: Possible reason for his name being different in the Scouts books.


A giant bear who lives in a mountain cave outside of Beartown. As his name suggests, he is the series' Fictional Counterpart of Bigfoot.

Other Animals

Weasel McGreed

The leader of an underground pack of weasels who schemes to - you guessed it - take over Bear Country.
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