Awesome / Tails Gets Trolled

  • The Troll King totally wiping the floor with Super Sonic. It establishes just how much of a badass the character is.
  • Luigi gets one when he becomes the first person to successfully harm the Troll King by cutting off his arm. Granted he dies, but being the first character to injure the most powerful being in the series has to count for something.
  • Rob, Silver, and Elmer holding back an entire legion of trolls. Even Alex is impressed
  • Chapter 6 is one in general for Silver. Despite being looked down upon by Shadow, Silver proves to be a much more levelheaded and smarter leader than Shadow ever was.
  • Mario gets a massive one when he nearly defeats the Troll King.
  • Garry's impressive display of his numerous abilities. During his fight with Demaro. For all the criticism that this fight has gotten, the majority of viewers have agreed that it's helped make Garry an awesome character.