Funny / Tails Gets Trolled

Chapter One

  • Fat Troll: U Mad? U Mad? U look mad U stupid bitch!
    • The traumatized face that Tails makes upon being trolled.
  • Shadow: Fuck you trolls
    Shadow: They can't troll you if their dead
    Sonic: Stop there's no need for any villians.
  • Sonic: I'm so mad, I'm gonna have sex with my girlfriend so I won't be so mad.
  • Knuckles: Man it sure took a long time buring that fat guy.
  • "High Shovel!"
    • Not long thereafter, Knuckles waking up in a threeway with Rouge - and Donkey Kong.
    Knuckles: What the fuck?
    Donkey Kong: Banana.
  • Troll: The blue faggot is mine!
  • A random troll's reaction to Sonic killing another nameless troll.
    Troll: No! Why did you kill him? I love him!
  • Shadow: Don't worry man I took care of the fat one. It's all cool man, I know all about the taste for blood!
  • Sonic's reaction to killing trolls.
    Sonic: Shit, I failed!
  • Alex The Emo Troll's hilariously psuedo nihilistic trolling of Silver.
    Alex: It is trully sad that peaces of shit are born in this world without a meaning.
  • Another random troll's reaction to Mario.
    Troll: You're one fat looking fat guy! [Promptly gets smashed with a hammer]

Chapter Two

  • Robb, the guy with no ears. An endless source of comedy.
  • The meeting between the Troll Slaiyers
    Shadow: Okay guys see this piece of paper? Well there's nothing on it yet but there will be!"
  • Everything about the fake "Justin Beaver" concert qualifies but special mention has to go to the totally out of left field appearance of Elmer Fudd. The face he makes upon arriving makes it even funnier.
  • This exchange:
    Eggman: this may take awhile
    Sonic: as long as they die

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

  • Troll King: Now that your stuck and helpless, I will kill you and let my son do shticky to your body.
  • Alex arriving to aid the Troll King in his fight against Sonic and his friends.
    Alex: Sorry to interrupt whatever this is but we have returned sir.
  • Alex's response to Espio threatening to kill him.
    Alex: Whatever homo. Kick the shit out of him!
  • When Shadow finds Vector beaten half to death and missing an eye, Vector bleeds on him. Shadow's response is hilarious.
    Shadow: Dammit dude you got blood in my eye. now everyone is gonna think I was ragged on!

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

  • The entire Troll Off Scene but this moment in particular
    Underbite Troll: You literally made Adolf Hitler get off his dick throne in the midst of the flames of hell, walk into the bathroom, and sob quietly in the corner of a shower. He held a bottle of cheap whiskey in his shaking hand, no longer secure in his position as world's least likable human being.
  • Most of Elmer's lines in this chapter qualify
    Elmer (Flirting with Blaze): So chick, what guys are you into? I ask because I need a quick fix on this boner I'm having.
    Elmer (When fighting the trolls): Here take the power of my second cock!
    After Killing A Troll': I blew off his head with my man juice haha.