Awesome / Pretty Cure All Stars

  • In the first movie a truly gigantic Zakenna is chasing three of the Pretty Cure 5 team (Go! Go! version), when Nagisa and Honoka annihilate it with a single kick each. Go to 4:36 for the scene.
    • In fact in the movie they take down many monsters with Good Old Fisticuffs, not breaking out the magical attacks until they have to fight Fusion.
    • In the following movies, Nagisa and Honoka have the habit to show up for a Big Damn Heroes moment and do something that the main Cures of the movie cannot do. Like stopping a tanker ship-turned-train when eight Cures unable to do it previously.
  • In the third movie, after the Precures get out of the trapped dimension, they start unleashing their attacks as their theme song plays out at the background, utterly obliterating the enemies. Bonus points for Love and Tsubomi calling out Black Hole for using the likeness of Toymajin (who is actually a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds in the default movie and helped out by Love) and Baron Salamander (who has been given a second chance to restart his life for good by the Cures) for evil. To top it off, it finishes with Hibiki and Kanade obliterating the Freezen Brothers... with just their very first attack (Passionato Harmony).
  • New Stage 3, you'd think that the one leading the charge in trying to save the day would be Megumi or Mana. Nope, it's Nozomi! She realizes the dream world she's in is just that, tells the students she's with that she's thankful to have the chance to live out this dream, and it ends up breaking her free.