Funny / Pretty Cure All Stars

  • DX 1 has Fusion demanding Cure Black and Cure White's powers... but because Nagisa hasn't eaten the chocolate cornet of Panpaka Pan she just bought, she instead yells at Fusion to 'get his own', only to be corrected.
    • The mascot meeting. Very jarring as Coco and Nuts walking through the hall in their human form purposefully, only to open the door in mascot form and greeted by a sight that is best described as kindergarten class.
  • Love's Butt Monkey moments in DX 2
    • When she rescues Tsubomi from getting beaned by a Miracle Light, she skids across the road and promptly faceplants on the ground. Recovering, she's quick to scold Chiffon for her actions (telekinetically playing with the Lights), which causes her to cry and rain all of the floating Lights on every one while Miki, Buki and Setsuna coo and comfort the baby fairy, leaving Love to utter "But... she was bad..." before being beaned by a Light.
    • When the Fresh girls take Tsubomi and Erika to be treated for their troubles, Miki, Buki and Setsuna explain that they were supposed to meet up with every one perfectly, but Love ended up misplacing the tickets. Love's reactions to their prodding is priceless.
      Miki: It's not Love's fault she lost the tickets!
      Setsuna: That's right. We were the ones who put Love in charge of the tickets.
      Miki: And we were supposed to meet up perfectly. [Love, the entire time, goes from "Yeah, yeah..." to "..."]
    • When they meet up with everyone, it turns out everyone messed up - Nagisa also lost her tickets and Saki and Nozomi couldn't read maps to save their lives!
  • In DX 3, the yellow and purple team enjoying themselves too much in their mini games unlike the other teams; from Urara throwing the dice enthusiastically, the bowling mini-game ends with Yuri tripping the last ultra mini Uzaina to death, to Yuri winning studying contest (complete with 'Scary Shiny Glasses'), all while Rin playing Only Sane Woman before carried away by the nuance.
    • In blue and white team, Erika is the only one who falls into the sea ungracefully. You can see that Mai actually facepalmed in background at this.
    • Pink team shows just what happens if you have a team filled mostly out of Idiot Heroines.
  • New Stage; Suite team intro has Hibiki searching Fusion pieces with a magnifying glass like in detective cartoon and dramatically pointing to one direction. The screen then pans to Hummy and the Fairy Tones noisily eating corn cobs. Ellen lampshades Hibiki's antics, all while a seagull perches on Hibiki's head making Aside Glance for the entire scene.
  • The opening of New Stage 2 gives us Erika trying to be Superman here
    • The ending of New Stage 2 gives us Marine Photobombing the gathering shot by winking at the screen. Dammit, Erika!
    • A blink-and-you-miss it; when Sunny names their teams' Combination Attack Doki-Doki Smile Miracle Bomber, Rosetta becomes a tsukkomi to her boke. As Akane is usually the tsukkomi of her team, suddenly out-tsukkomi'd by someone else (and her reaction to it) is really hilarious. Not to mention, Rosetta is in her usual pleasant smile when she says it.
  • New Stage 3 preview gives us a glimpse of what the lead Precures would look like (sans Nagisa) when they achieved their dreams. So we saw Saki becoming a bakery chef, Nozomi becoming a teacher, Love becoming a dancer, Tsubomi becoming a botanist, Hibiki becoming a pianist, Miyuki becoming a children book author, and Mana becoming Prime Minister—WHAT THE HECK IS THAT FAKE MOUSTACHE FOR!?
    • The movie's opening credits show off a little bit of Slice of Life with the pre-Smile teams. We see Nagisa being woken up for dozing off during homework, the Yes! team really putting away the sweets, Yuri getting shanghaied into wearing another one of Erika's outfits, and Hibiki stealing a cake that Kanade just made and making a very hasty retreat.
    • In Saki's dream when she mentions everything is too perfect who do we see lining up outside the shop? some of the villians from Splash Star.
    • When the Cures are freed from their dream worlds, the first thing Cure Marine does? Decide she's going to pass on the battle - it's a dream, why worry? When Cure Rosetta points out that no one would sleep as they'd be too afraid, that snaps her right up.
      • More with Marine - during the final battle, you can catch her clinging to a tentacle, eyes spiraling as she zooms past the camera, Cure Blossom having to pull her teammate off of it in the process.
    • After the "Precure Combination Punch, New Stage" scene, Cure Princess is in awe over it, then turns to notice Cure Lovely's missing. "She must have inserted herself into it when we weren't looking!"
  • Spring Carnival:
    • Hime and Erika discussing how Heart Seeds are created, with Erika lampshading how the seeds just kind of...pops out. Then, when one of the villains wonders what kind of Heart Flower he has, Erika does a brief analysis and chooses... a rafflesia. And for those who don't know, a rafflesia is a grotesque flower that is known to smell really bad.
    • Mana attempts singing again, which freaks out the unprepared Hibiki.
      Hibiki: This is music?!
    • During the rescuing of the Harmonia royals:
      • Cure Marine attempts to say her catchphrase, only to get dragged away by a missile to the gut.
      • The Smile team is faced with a teeth trap. Cure Sunny is ready to go through the traps... until Cure Happy just busts down a wall. They, then proceed to knock down all walls and Cure Sunny claims victory!
      • Cure Heart performs her catchphrase... and ends up causing the Robbems to go gaa-gaa over her. Cure Diamond chastises her for laying the charm on thick.
      • Cure Twinkle and Cure Honey get distracted by the royal clothing and food respectively.
      • Cure Princess stares down a dragon statue and gets it to reveal a secret switch!
  • Everyone's Singing - Miraculous Magic
    • Black, Bloom, Dream and the Doki-Doki and Happiness Charge girls sing about their capture... and Cure Marine freaks out, asking why everyone's singing at a time like this.
    • Cures Peach, Blossom, Melody and Happy attempt to do a combination attack with all of their natural attacks... only to watch in total horror as they don't even combine. It only happens when Miracle steps in to knock them in right, the four's faces going from happy to horrified and back to happy again.
    • During the final fight, the Smile team dive off a building to evade Traauma's Macross Missile Massacre and into the waiting arms of the airborne Heartcatch team... except Cure Marine is too caught up in the flying moment and completely misses catching Cure Happy and has to go back and grab her.