Awesome / Metro 2033

  • Artyom - who by all evidence has little to no actual firearms experience - basically becomes what bandits have nightmares about. In Dry Station especially (with a little help from Khan) he can take out the entire pack of two dozen-plus bandits without them ever knowing he was there, and if you listen to their conversation, they're talking about the deaths of a fellow crew of bandits that Artyom had previously taken out.
  • Artyom can either sneak through the Frontline undetected or just kills every Nazi and Communist, all by himself
    • The sequel confirmed that Artyom did kill them all.
  • Pavel and Ulman saving Artyom from execution by a couple of Nazi mooks, taking them out silently - one with a leaping stab to the face!
  • Despite Hole Station falling, the defenders put up a stiff resistance to buy time for others to escape. One man in particular is found dead at the end of a tunnel next to a wrecked AK - with eight nosalises dead in front of him.
  • Artyom rescuing Sasha from the ruins of Hole station all by himself.
    • And then in the next level, fighting from the exit of the Hole station to the entrance of the Black station (held by the Nazis) by himself, across the surface.
  • Artyom managed to be the first person to enter the depth of Library and survived his encounter with the Librarian.
  • Ulman and Miller showing up with an armored car on the surface to get Artyom to Sparta Base, plowing over a Librarian that got the drop on Artyom.
  • Finding D6. A cache of weapons, vehicles, and pre-war technology, perfectly preserved despite the decades since the bombs fell.
    Miller: Our heritage, our future, how much power is here. With all of this we'll rule the Earth once more! We won't have to live like rats, with sword and fire, we'll win back the sky and the sun! We can climb out of the dirt, rebuild the cities and the Metro tunnels will be once again filled with fast silver trains.