Awesome: Metro: Last Light

  • Artyom's Heroic Sacrifice, where he blows up D6, killing the Big Bad and his army, denying them access to the weapons within. The only thing that would have made this more awesome would be if Artyom did a Title Drop of the achievement you get for this ending: "C'est la vie." It's all the better because the Big Bad was literally two feet away from you when you did it, and got to see exactly what you were about to do.
  • The last stand at D6, at the end of the game. Gunning down Red troops, whilst constantly falling back to more fortified lines, eventually going to town on them with a home made gatling gun. Granted, you get your ass kicked in the end, but it's still very awesome.
  • Going after the baby Dark One on the train. You jump onto the train from a railcar that's speeding alongside it, and fight your way through over a dozen Red troops in some of the most cramped quarters in either game.
  • Fighting the giant bear near Red Square. It's the only non-human boss in the game that you don't have to kill, and easily one of the toughest fights in the game.
  • Pulling off the Shadow Ranger achievement, with a minimum of blood spilled - that of the final target in the game, the flamethrower trooper at D6. You'll have either avoided or knocked out every single human opponent in the game, including the Reds on the train and at Red Square (both groups can be fought hand-to-hand, if you have medkits and a bit of luck), and getting this achievement almost guarantees the Redemption ending.
  • The Nazis holding off a MASSIVE Red Zerg Rush in the Faction Pack DLC.
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