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YMMV: Metro Last Light
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Pavel a Well-Intentioned Extremist who genuinely likes Artyom and only betrayed him because he had to, or did he never see Artyom as anything more as a pawn to be used and discarded? Which is in full sync with the historical character he shares his name with.
  • Broken Base: Ranger Hardcore mode being as a preorder DLC. According to Last Light's community manager, this was insisted upon by THQ. By the time Last Light switched publishers after THQ's bankruptcy, they didn't have time to change the DLC plans before release. It's not much, but it is at least something that annoys the developers as much as the fans.
  • Coitus Ensues: There's very little sign of romance between Anna and Artyom until the very scene where they have sex.
    • Artyom is as surprised at this as the players are, judging from his initial reaction when she sits in his lap. It's basically a case of Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex played in its Last Minute Hookup iteration.
    • Hunter was her mentor and it is safe to assume that she had a crush on him, judging by her reactions and some cut dialogue. Russian dub offers a bit more info on this. She gives Artyom a cold shoulder initially since he was indirectly responsible for Hunter's death, but then warms up to him when she sees Artyom in action and realises he is so much like Hunter.
    • In addition the scene was supposed to be different, according to the devs. It happened because the voiceover recording and motion capture was done separately. Try listening to Anna's monologue while imagining her sitting on a bed with a Thousand-Yard Stare.
  • Disappointing Last Level: After you reunite with the young Dark One, you go through a long trek across the surface to return to Polis Station. And we mean long.
  • Fridge Horror: In the bad ending, with the Ranger Order decimated and with the hundreds if not thousands of Red Line soldiers that were killed in the failed assault on D6, two of the three factions that could oppose the Nazis have been wiped out and crippled respectively. Not to mention with the Red Line's weakened military, a Nazi invasion of the Communist stations seems likely.
    • Not really. The Dark Ones promised to return to the Metro after some time has passed, so they'd be more than able to deal with the Nazis after their leadership has fallen into dissarray at the loss most of their labor camps (Not to mention D6), the ensuing political chaos of the red stations, internal power struggles and revolutions, etc etc...That and the cutscene involving Anna implies she lived in a prosperous free station.
      • Item placement suggests she lives in Artyom's room in the ruins of D6. There is no power, but the barracks seem to be mostly intact.
    • In another example, Fedor was urging the slacking off guard to lock the gates before something nasty slips into the station just a few minutes before one of the fishermen gets dragged underwater and never comes back.
  • Game Breaker: Throwing Knives. If you're willing to be lethal, it's entirely possible and actually quite easy to go through the entire game on a handful of the little wonders. Totally silent, hideously accurate, one-hit-instant-kills on humans and heavy damaging on mutants, and reusable. On both Ranger and Ranger Hardcore, you get to carry ten as opposed to the normal five, making them even more broken.
    • Selling guns and explosives to the merchant at the start of the "Bandits" level will net Artyom hundreds of MGR.
  • Genius Bonus: Upon reaching Theatre Station, Pavel refers to Artyom as "Stanislavski", which you'll probably miss unless you're knowledgeable on the theatre or the Russian arts.
  • Guide Dang It: Finding some of the morality points without using a guide is...difficult to say the least.
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks: It's fairly hard to run out of gas mask filters or ammo on even the hardcore difficulties, quite unlike the first game. Not received well by some.
  • Magnificent Bastard: General Korbut who intentionally caused tension between Moskvin and his brother, the then Secretary General, convincing Moskvin that his brother was planning to kill him and to order his brother's assassination and engineer Moskvin's rise to Secretary General, only to then blackmail Moskvin with the murder of his brother in order to use his new position for his own uses.
  • The Woobie: While he is a soldier by this point and not an inexperienced Metro inhabitant, Artyom still takes more than a fair share of hard knocks. It doesn't help that at this point he may be a Shell-Shocked Veteran.
  • Ugly Cute: The Dark One child is distinctly freaky looking. He's also totally Adorkable once you get to know him.
  • Uncanny Valley: The facial animations of the human characters are rather well-done (complete with intricate eyebrow expressions). Unfortunately, the hair (all hair, in fact, be it the scalp or the beards) looks like it's sculpted out of plasticine which makes things... weird.

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