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Awesome / MLP Analysis

  • Silver Quill takes out freakin Slendermane! With an Offhand Backhand no less!
    • Silver Quill's artwork is pretty much professionally spot-on!
  • Tommy's EPIC bit of Wild Mass Guessing at the end of the Canterlot Wedding review, where he uses references to Tolkien's The Silmarillion to posit that Queen Chrysalis is actually a not-so-reformed-after-all Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, also parodying the end of The Usual Suspects.
  • Brawny Buck punts Digibrony in the face finally giving the meaning behind "A Buck to The Face"
    Digibrony: 3, Rarity's reason for dragging Fluttershy to the castle is contrived as F(squee)
    (Brawny comes out of nowhere and kicks him in the face)
    Brawny Buck: It has been shown twice that Fluttershy shares Rarity's interest in the textile arts, there are preexisting legends and ancient rumors surrounding most of the major plots in this series, and I could have sworn, that restoring the Tree of Harmony to full power in the season opener implied making the forest at least a little less dangerous. PAY ATTENTION YOU OBLIVIOUS OVERGROWN STALLIONIZED SWEETIE BELLE!
  • Golden Fox gets one at the very end of his "Twilight's Kingdom" review that doubles as a Crowning Momentof Heartwarming as well, complete with flashbacks to all of his collabs this season.
    Golden Fox: Season 4 was a lot better than I thought it was. It brought a lot of memories of who I was with for my reviewing progress. They become unforgettable for me that will hopefully lead for the better. I could remember it like it was yesterday when I first started. I never thought that time would pass by this quickly, but looking back, they have something for me to truly appreciate. Admittably, a lot of us have been dysfunctional, and even worse, we were given a rather bad reputation in the fandom. This was not meant to happen, but that's what happens when things aren't thought out completely. We've had controversial moments, we faced hard times, but we are to understand each other, and we have. We may have made mistakes, that's what makes us grow stronger. That's what makes ANYONE grow stronger. There's always a challenge to face, and mistakes we'll admit to, and you're never going to get better, unless you learn to face them. I won't deny it, I've been harsh on season 4, I've blinded myself from what I assumed it was, before waiting for the rest of the season. That was a mistake I should learn from. I can't be absolute, but rest assured rather expressively, comedically, artistically, or what have you, I do what I can to encourage improvement, not make the creators look bad. And you know what? I think they have improved. This isn't about what we want. It's not about what we expect, it's about what we can address for the better. We may have been dysfunctional, but in the end, reviewers, analysts, and even you viewers in which you provided with, WE STAND TOGETHER! But the one question still remains: Can we last another season? The short answer, we don't know. However, there's no doubt we'll find out. Until then, I'm Golden Fox, and I'll catch you all on Season 5!
  • The EPIC swordfight between Brawny Buck and his brother at the start of "A Buck to the Face: A Canterlot Wedding." Dude's got some serious moves!
  • Ink Rose get's one by absolutely terrifying Josh Scorcher, a military officer six years her senior, by flirting with him.
  • The pure SCALE of KP's John de Lancie video…currently the biggest analyst related video in the community.
    • In fact, the more KP makes videos, the more epic they become. Her one-note graphics that are only on-screen for a split second are of better quality, and she keeps meeting more and more bronies to help her with artwork and audio.
  • Speaking of large scale analyst related videos Dr. Wolf's origin story definitely counts. Between the writing, illustrations, music, and Dr. Wolf's voice work, it's just a thing of beauty.
  • Golden Fox and the other Analysts raising a call for help for Keyframe to get her out of her home situation. With only a few days before she graduated the brony community raised over 20,000 dollars in 'THREE DAYS, allowing her to move out nearly immediately and escape to a new life. The fact that Keyframe somehow hid her problems INCREDIBLY WELL by appearing happy and full of life in all of her videos, then managing to survive and escape the situation after eight years was one for her. Also counts as a MASSIVE Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Brawny Buck's reaction to the CMC getting their cutie marks? Put himself in a cannon, launch himself to the moon, strike the moon hard enough to embed a Big "YES!" on the surface, and fall back to earth.
  • 'Flight of Blight'. Not only was it a big product, it ends with a Beam-O-War between Bliss and her Enemy Without Thunder Blight that ends with Bliss finally accepting her Alicorn status and controlling her rainbow magic perfectly to destroy Thunder Blight.