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YMMV: MLP Analysis
  • Base Breaker: Just to name a few:
    • AnthonyC. Many fans find him Crazy Awesome, while others find him obnoxious and stupid.
      • ILoveKimPossible for similar reasons.
    • Tommy Oliver. Many consider him either smart and informative, others find him smug and pretentious.
      • Many have similar thoughts about Digi as they do about Tom, especially after he temporarily stopped doing normal reviews for season four. See "Broken Base" below.
    • The Mysterious Mr. Enter, both for not being considered an official pony reviewer (he himself doesn't), and for having fans divided over if he's rational and fair, or biased and immature. To put this in perspective, a TV Tropes thread here had to be locked 2 weeks after it started.
    • Voice of Reason. While many fans see him as reasonable and wise as his name proclaims, others see him as annoying and hypocritical.
    • The entire Analysis community in general is this on whether or not they are nice people who do a good job reviewing, or are just jerks who are overly nitpicky when it comes to the show.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Halfway through Tommy Oliver's review of "Equestria Games", the video with no warning suddenly cuts to Digibrony rambling (seemingly drunkenly) in an Australian accent. This goes on for two and a half minutes before it cuts back to Tommy, who picks right back up where he left off.
      • If Digibro's later videos are any indication, he apparently gets drunk easily.
    • Voice of Reason begins ranting on Dragon Quest in his review of said episode with Buc Brony and they're suddenly hamsters! After those few seconds, it's not brought up again. save for a blink-and-you-miss-it message saying, "Just kidding! We love you Aisu!"
  • Broken Base: In Winter of 2013, Digibrony revamped his whole image in his Youtube videos so that you see him smoke all the time, indoors, and even in his redesigned OC. The reality is that he's been smoking since way before becoming a reviewernote  and thought he should simply embrace who he is publicly. A vocal group were not pleased.
    • Some were also not happy with his new style of reviewing episodes. Beginning with "Twilight Time", he began giving brief explorations of the episodes' themes and relating them to his personal life. Rather than thoroughly explaining why he thinks an episode is good or not, like how he did previously and how the majority of his peers do.
    • All of this was largely the result of a combination of Fan Disillusionment and Artist Disillusionment, as he had grown tired of the majority of YouTube comments he received focusing on his opinion of an episode rather than the analytical points he brought up and the fact that he doesn't like the majority of the episodes in season 4. It turned out later that he was only doing this for season 4. Reviews of other episodes will be done with the same style and OC as before. After season 4 concluded, Digi more or less retired from MLP analysis and began focusing on anime.
    • The Analysis community in general is this for a lot of bronies, mainly due to several known reviewers (such as DigiBrony, Byter, Tommy Oliver, AntonyC, I Love Kim Possible A Lot, and even Mr. Enter) either being considered too critical or too picky when it comes to several episodes.
  • Counterpart Comparison / Expy: AntonyC's videos are very similar to the ones found on "That Guy with the Glasses", what with him being a comedic Large Ham and having multiple characters all played by himself.
    • There's an especially strong similarity between him and Linkara. Both of them are openly Christian and swear much less than their peers, he has a gun very similar to Linkara's signature "Magic Gun" and Dude!Antony is very similar to 90's Kid.
    • KP is also very similar in reviewing style to AntonyC, probably explaining why they get shipped together so often.
    • Voice of Reason has recently been compared with Linkara. It probably has something to with their voices sounding similar.
      • He's also been referred to as the Linkara of the Brony Analysis community.
  • Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming:
  • Crazy Awesome: AntonyC and Saberspark, two of the hammiest and most charismatic reviewers.
  • Creepy Awesome: Ink Rose to some. Especially after her "Meet the.." video.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Silver Quill! Despite just starting in late 2013, he quickly skyrocketed in popularity, becoming one of the most popular reviewers in the group. This is likely due to his reviews being quite different in style, tending to have a subplot or story arc within themselves, some pretty good humor, and to have so much effort put into the script and animations that they usually come out several weeks after the episode itself does. Further helping his case is his fairly positive attitude towards season 4 episodes, which many other reviewers have made no secret of disliking (see He Panned It, Now He Sucks), while still not hesitating to bring up good points in bad episodes as well as bad points in good episodes.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: DigiCurious has become quite the fan favorite pairing. ILoveAntonyCALot is also quite a favorite among the fans.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks: They all get a lot of this.
    • Tommy Oliver has made it no secret that he considers Fluttershy to be his least favorite of the Mane Six, due to her lack of consistent Character Development. He expresses this by calling her "Cheesy Gordita".Explanation  Considering that a Hub poll in 2013 resulted in Fluttershy being declared the "fan-favorite pony", it's no shock that Tommy's opinion is not taken well by many.
      • Oh, and let us not forget when he and AntonyC teamed up to bash "A Canterlot Wedding".
      • He also got a lot of flack for panning the episode Equestria Games, simply because it focused on Spike and not the games themselves as he thought they'd be promised.
      • In his follow-up video on the episode, he states that never liked Spike because he has no clear characterization to the point where the writers can't decide what to do with him and how he should act. And as such, still thinks the episode is bad even if you ignore that it didn't focus on the games.
      • Inkrose has also heavily implied that she thinks the exact same way.
    • Voice Of Reason's undying loathing of Friendship is Witchcraft. His opinion was not taken well by the legions of FIW fans, who banded together to make his video the only MLP Analysis video to date to have a net negative rating. (The fact that his initial review contained several factual errors didn't help either; his followup video where he addresses his errors is net-positive, but just barely.)
      • This has come to haunt him prior to his "Hearts and Hooves Day" review with Josh Scorcher.
      • His least favorite MLP episode is "Bridle Gossip", which is generally loved by the rest of the fandom. Though most other Analysts also dislike it, abeit not quite as much.
    • Digibrony detests "Boast Busters", which doesn't sit well with all the Trixie lovers in the fandom.
      • Actually, several of the Analysts dislike "Boast Busters", though that doesn't necessarily translate to disliking Trixie. In fact, a lot of Trixie fans actually despise the episode itself, and only liked Trixie.
      • His overall dislike of Season 4 has also rubbed a lot of fans, and even some Analysts, the wrong way, to the point that when he announced at the end of his "Twilight's Kingdom" video that he was retiring from MLP reviewing, more than a few fans responded with variations of "good riddance".note 
      • While not pony-related, Sword Art Online is by far his least favorite anime ever. He made a whole two-part hour-long essay on why he hates it, held running commentary over the first episodes of the second season just to heckle it and then stopped because he lost interest, and his video "The Problem With Adapting Fights From Manga/Novels Into Anime" has footage of an SAO novel being burned (he did not burn it, a friend of his did).
    • Robin's scathing review of "Bats!" also left many fans to be pissed at him, this was later lampshaded in his review of "Rarity Takes Manhattan" in which all of the other analysts form an angry mob and attack him.
    • Mr. Enter HATES. HATES. HATES. "Putting Your Hoof Down"!
    • Josh Scorcher is NOT a fan of "Double Rainboom"!
      • This has come to haunt him prior to his "Hearts and Hooves Day" review with Voice of Reason.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: AnY Pony has been shipped with I Love Kim Possiblea Lot, Heartsong, PuzzleBrony, Twilight Sparkle, and brony artists like Riquis101, mangaJag, Cosmic Chrissy, Aisu Roma, and KatrinaHood.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The surreal nature of Digibrony's review of "The Return of Harmony" was more than a little creepy.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: Here are some the few out of many, many pairings.
    • AnYHood (AnY Pony X KatrinaHood).
    • DigiCurious (Digibrony X Bronycurious).
    • ILoveAntonyCALot (I Love Kim Possible A Lot X Antony C).
    • JoshRose or FireRose (Josh Scorcher / Commander Firebrand X Inkrose).
    • StormBeats (Storm Analysis X Clifford Beats).
    • ToonYora (ToonKriticY2K X Eliyora).
    • PuzzleBloom (Puzzle Brony X Sweetie Bloom)
    • PostPal (Postscript X Rosepal)
    • GoldenKey (Golden Fox X Keyframe)

  • So Cool It's Awesome/Gushing About Shows You Like: Digibrony makes it no secret that he loves the somewhat controversial episode "Magical Mystery Cure", with the somewhat base-breaking revelation that Twilight become an alicorn Princess. His analysis of the episode is even titled "Utterly Fanboying 'Magical Mystery Cure'". Though "Applebuck Season" and "Suited For Success" also had "Utterly Fanboying".
    • Same can be said about his and Tommy's review of "Flight To The Finish", especially after their pretty mixed or negative reactions towards previous episodes.
    • This was Tommy's general reaction to the better episodes of season 4. In his "Pinkie Pride" review he states, "When Season4 nails it, it fucking nails it!"
    • TBBBAP (specifically Keg Standard) adores "Putting Your Hoof Down"! To the point where he even sings two songs in his review on it, the latter where he actually interacts with Iron Will!
  • Tear Jerker: Voice of Reason has admitted to getting teary-eyed after Twilight Sparkle delivers her climatic speech in episode 2 of Camaraderie is Supernatural during his review of the series.
  • The Scrappy:
  • The Woobie: Heartsong, as addressed in this video.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Storm Analysis has been mistaken for a female quite a couple of times. This probably has something to do with how he sounds due to being 12 years old.

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