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Trivia: MLP Analysis
  • Approval of God: Many analysts appreciate having fan art drawn of them. Some of them like it so much that they even have a favorites folder containing that fan art on their deviantart accounts.
  • Doing It for the Art: The reason everyone makes all these videos.
  • Fan Nickname / Meaningful Name: Bronycurious occasionally calls Fluttershy "Cheesy Gordita", named after an food item on a Taco Bell menu. The reason he calls her that is despite being his least favorite character on the show, he doesn't dislike her. Alluding to the fact that even though the cheesy gordita is to him the worst food from Taco Bell, it's still oozes quality. Whether or not this is a good comparison is up to you.
  • One of Us:
    • Do we even have to explain this one?
    • Some of the analysts, like Digi, are known to be Tropers. Nearly all have referenced this site at least once.
  • Romance on the Set: ToonKriticY2K and Eliyora (revealed to be officially canon at 2014's BronyCon Review Panel).

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