Funny / MLP Analysis

  • For funny moments from TF2 Analysis, see here.
  • Any skit Silver Quill does. He goes beyond simply reviewing the episode and uses his OC to actually act out skits, interact with other characters from the show, and they're all very funny!
    • Also the various skits and reactions with Brawny Buck
  • Strebiskunk's reaction to the toy-bait helicopter in "Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3".
    Strebiskunk: Maybe you can figure something out after this commercial break. (helicopter flies by) Seriously, I cannot believe they actually got this toy on the show. I especially like Cherry Berry's expression here. It's like the animators are saying, "Okay, Hasbro, here's your advertisement. Are you fucking happy now?"
  • All of TBBBAP's videos are extremely funny, mainly having to do with the brotherly chemistry they have and how they work together so well! They always try make a unique opening to each of their reviews, which are often parodies.
  • Most of KP's comedy, but special shoutout to her "relationship" with Meghan McCarty and the animatic segment of "Let's Go and Meet John de Lancie".
    KP: Now you're just somepony that I used to know...
  • The Nightmare Night Collabs by Lethal Aurora Mage and Antony C.
    • In Mage's, the first part of the collab has Antony mistaking Sky Watcher's hair for a monster.
    • In Antony's, Silver Quill came as Kimi Sparkle.
    Silver Quill: Aha! I told you I had the plot for this outfit!
  • Golden Fox falling head over hooves in love with Keyframe toward the end of his Friendship is Magic pilot review.
  • There were plenty of funny moments from the community's "Reviewing 101" panel at Bronycon 2014, but the best was ToonKritic Y2K taking shots at DigiBrony and (later) Tommy Oliver, not knowing that each of them was in the audience until being told by another panelist.
  • Keyframe and Voice of Reason's reaction to finding the out FF 8#'s entire plot was Entirely Pointless
  • During their joint review of Appleloosa's Most wanted, Golden Fox asks Voice of Reason to help make sure he doesn't go off on too big a rant like he would have during season 4. So when Golden Fox's reasonable rant starts to drip into pure hatred, Voice dumps a huge tub of water on him. Keyframe following Golden Fox offscreen with towels is the icing on the cake.
  • All of Pony Python and Holy Grail
    • Our brave band consists of King Firebrand the Grouchy, Sir Dr. Mr. Wolf the Fluffy, Sir Munchkin the Scottish, Sir Dusty Katt the Manly, and Sir Anthony the Not Quite So Manly as Sir Dusty Katt. Plus Sir Not Appearing in this Animation.
    • Why is Ink Rose accused of being a witch? Because only Pew Die Pie should have "that many page views". Then it comes out everyone else was just accusing her so they could cameo in the video.
    • Firebrand has always wanted to "kill a lagomorph with small explosives." Aka they're going to Holy Hand Grenade Angel Bunny.
      • Dr. Wolf tries to stop them as the video must remain PG. Dusty Katt claims it will "for Pretty Gory"
      • Angel Bunny gets the grenade and chases the cast off...what which point the animator has a "mental breakdown" and things go Off the Rails.
  • Manga Kamen's thoughts on analysts videos are pretty funny overall, but the one that stands above the rest is his video on Lily Peet. She edits the clip of Luna seeing the Tantabus to make Lily appear instead with a monstrous grin on her face with the citizens' of ponyville's reactions. Then Manga says he won't make a joke about Lily, poking fun at her perceived polarizing presence in the fandom. Hell it was so good that Lily actually featured it in the beginning of her Slice of Life video, Forsaking the Background.
  • Also, with Manga Kamen was his Cavalcade of Creepy Comedy, a gigantic comedic Halloween special that featured a bunch of hilarious skits. To name a few: Silver Quill becomes Dracula from Castlevania and there is a pony version of the Five Nights at Freddy's Musical that Markiplier did with Random Encounters.
  • Dr. Wolf was too sick to review the Hoofields and the Mc Colts, so Silver Quill steps in to do it for him...all while the Doc is spouting off constant non sequitors in the background.
    Dr. Wolf: Did you just use a meme? I want a meme...
  • Any time Golden Fox slips into crush mode during the Hearts and Hooves Day review.
    Golden Fox: (dreamily) You're beautiful...
    Keyframe: Huh?
    Golden Fox: I mean-uh... Your voice is beautiful! I mean-uh... Look! Episode!
  • The entirety of Brawny Buck's The Cutie Re-Mark review. Him constantly getting sucked into the alternate futures and running into dozens of other analysts is just funny in and of itself.
  • In Flight of Blight Part 3, when the other analysts enter Blissy's channel to check on her, Toon Kritic panics and tells Dr. Wolf to watch out for her giant pet rainbow monster Twink. Cue Twink (who's been shrunk to the size of a kitten by Thunder Blight) coming in and rubbing against Doc, trying to get his attention, meowing and purring all the while.