Funny: MLP Analysis

  • Any skit Silver Quill does. He goes beyond simply reviewing the episode and uses his OC to actually act out skits, interact with other characters from the show, and they're all very funny!
    • Also the various skits and reactions with Brawny Buck
  • Strebiskunk's reaction to the toy-bait helicopter in "Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3".
    Strebiskunk: Maybe you can figure something out after this commercial break. (helicopter flies by) Seriously, I cannot believe they actually got this toy on the show. I especially like Cherry Berry's expression here. It's like the animators are saying, "Okay, Hasbro, here's your advertisement. Are you fucking happy now?"
  • All of TBBBAP's videos are extremely funny, mainly having to do with the brotherly chemistry they have and how they work together so well! They always try make a unique opening to each of their reviews, which are often parodies.
  • Most of KP's comedy, but special shoutout to her "relationship" with Meghan McCarty and the animatic segment of "Let's Go and Meet John de Lancie".
    KP: Now you're just somepony that I used to know...
  • There's a collab with some of the analysts as the nine classes of the RED team in Team Fortress 2. They include Ink Rose as Scout, Phantomhorn as Soldier, Eliyora as Pyro, Silver Quill as Heavy, Dr. Wolf as Engineer, Any Entertainment as Demoman, Voice of Reason as Sniper, Commander Firebrand as Medic, and Gibbontake as Spy. The members of the group have released their own "Meet The" videos to promote it. They're all funny.
    • There's one where Keyframe is tricked into thinking she's the Sniper and makes her own video. What does she do after finding the truth? Dress up as Demoman and unleashes her wrath on Any.
    • In Firebrand's, Dr. Wolf doesn't want Firebrand to operate on him. Why? During his last operation, Firebrand's was too busy ranting on why Spike and Rarity will never a couple to notice he was stabbing Silver Quill while doing so.
    • For Ink Rose, there's at least one part with her continually saying "NEED A DISPENSER HERE!"
    • In Silver Quill's, there's one part of him saying he has yet to meet someone that can outrun him. Cue a clip of him being chased by Eliyora, Phantom Horn, and Firebrand.
    Silver Quill: I DON'T WANT ANY HEALING! YAH!
    • Gibbontake also deserves a mention, as it just shows a video of a gibbon having fun with some tigers edited to make the monkey the Spy.
    • The team has their first Mare Vs. Machine match, which is full of humor as well.
    Silver Quill: *Firing his mini gun* I can't feel my limbs but this is awesome!
  • The Nightmare Night Collabs by Lethal Aurora Mage and Antony C.
    • In Mage's, the first part of the collab has Antony mistaking Sky Watcher's hair for a monster.
    • In Antony's, Silver Quill came as Kimi Sparkle.
    Silver Quill: Aha! I told you I had the plot for this outfit!
  • There were plenty of funny moments from the community's "Reviewing 101" panel at Bronycon 2014, but the best was ToonKritic Y2K taking shots at DigiBrony and (later) Tommy Oliver, not knowing that each of them was in the audience until being told by another panelist.
  • Keyframe and Voice of Reason's reaction to finding the out FF 8#'s entire plot was Entirely Pointless
  • During their joint review of Appleloosa's Most wanted, Golden Fox asks Voice of Reason to help make sure Golden Fox doesn't go off on too big a rant like he would have during season 4. So when Golden Fox's reasonable rant starts to drip into pure hatred, Voice dumps a huge tub of water on him. Keyframe following Golden Fox offscreen with towels is the icing on the cake.