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Awesome: Lost Tapes

  • Mooney grabbing an Aztec dagger, just used to kill a friend of hers then use it to lure in an stab an Aztec God. She and Conner then proceed to drive it off with an onslaught of machine gun fire.
  • The male firefighter grabbing his axe and going back to fight the Lizardman that killed the reporter and cameraman. And winning.
  • Bigfoot killing the poacher to protect the park ranger.
    • Speaking of primate cryptids, the Devil Monkeys managing to overpower and kill three armed police officers very easily. Given this is a series where most creatures (with the possible exception of Q) lack bullet immunity, that is pretty awesome.
  • The dad of the family in "Vampire" stabbing an attacking vampire to death to protect his family.
    • And what does he use to achieve this? A wooden stake, of course!
  • The pregnant mom in "Jersey Devil" hitting the monster on the head with a stick when it was threatening her kids.
  • Hazel sacrificing herself to the Owlman to save Su Ann. The clincher? It works.

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