Awesome / Louie

  • A meta-example would be Dane Cook, a comedian who has been maligned and accused of stealing Louis CK's jokes, agreeing to come do a bit about his being maligned and accused of joke stealing. Talk about a good sport...
  • There is also Louie demolishing a heckler at one of his shows in season one. For a good five minutes he insults her for hurting his show with some of the most heinous insults imaginable. Then, when she comes to complain to him backstage, he again rails on her for taking away the small bit of enjoyment comedians get in their crappy lives. This scene probably represents how most comedians feel about people bothering them onstage.
  • One of Louie's comedian friends, Todd Barry, recounts to him and their fellow comedians about a perfect day. Nothing particularly flashy happens, just everything happening smoothly and cheaply, pretty much getting everything he wants by knowing how much he's worth. At the end of the day, Todd goes to a show in Poughkeepsie where he finds that they misspelled his name on his dressing room. While owner of the establishment initially thinks it's no big deal, Todd politely convinces him to print out a new sign. Everyone in the bar where Todd is telling this story bursts out in applause.