Funny / Louie

  • Any scene where Louie sees his therapist.
    Therapist: Have you ever...heard news about somebody dying...and then you got an erection?

    Therapist: (Sex is) very simple: the man takes his penis, into the woman's vagina, he ejaculates, and she dies.
    Louie: (beat) ...she dies?
    Therapist: Oh no, I was thinking of something else.

  • In the episode "Bummer / Blueberries", Louie ends up with Delores, the mother of a kid in his daughter's class. The two are about to have sex when she asks for him to spank her. He obliges, and she starts to call him "daddy" and says she's been a bad girl, causing him to start to get into it, but then out of nowhere, she starts sobbing, saying over and over "I'm sorry, Daddy," leaving Louie just sitting there confused as to what the just happened.
  • Just... everything that Never does or says. The first time that he does anything of note is when he pushes an occupied baby carriage into the street, inadvertently causing a gas truck to burst, causing an explosion. A perfectly executed case of Crossing the Line Twice.