Heartwarming / Louie

  • In the middle of the night Louie's pregnant sister starts screaming in pain, and not knowing what to do he just freaks out. A gay couple who live a few doors down, whom Louis has never talked to before, hear the screaming, knock on his door and without even knowing Louie's name or what's wrong, offer their help.
  • "Brother, do not let your sister die from pain or lose her baby because you are awkward with strangers."
  • Louie kissing the cop on the lips in the fifth episode. He really, truly is grateful that the cop saved his life and is willing to kiss the dude despite having never done it before.
  • Most of Louie's stand-up bits in "Night Out" are about how wiped out he feels after a day of taking care of his kids and how badly he just wants them to sleep when they're supposed to. It doesn't stop him from taking them for pancakes at 4AM at the end of the episode, though.
  • The card the girls make for Louie in "Late Show (Part 3)" is adorable.
  • Louie's confession of love to Pamela is, in her own words, gorgeous. He pours his heart out to her, telling her how much it pains him not being with her, that he feels guilty for wanting her, and that making her be with him would be greedy. It's gut-wrenching.
  • Louie and Pamela watching a meteor shower together.
  • Louie and Robin Williams go to a strip club that was frequented by a recently deceased acquaintance whom they have a low opinion of. Upon learning of this man's demise, everyone in the club takes a moment to mourn him, much to Louie and Robin's amusement. Just goes to show how everyone is special to someone.
  • Just about any scene involving Louie and his daughters.
    • In a flashback scene, after a rather disgruntling sitcom project, he finds himself talking to a baby Lily about how he wanted to be near her when he had a career.
  • Louie finding Lenny's gun in "Cop Story" and returning it.