Tear Jerker: Lost Tapes

The show Lost Tapes has some genuinely emotional moments.

  • Devil Dragon: Knowing he's about to die, Tim bids farewell to his wife and daughter, "Hey Catherine... not how I expected to... tell Maria that I love her... take care of her... love you both..."
    • That episode was considered so extremely emotional that even the show's many haters have gone on record stating that they were rooting for the protagonist to live.
    • It gets especially upsetting when we learn that he was very close to a village that could have saved him, but he was killed before he could reach it :'(
      • It doesn't help that Tim is basically a Steve Irwin Expy.
      • He was planning for each episode to last for seven days...he died on the night of the second day.
  • Hellhound:
    Nora: Severin? Severin? (sad) You looked.
  • Thunderbird: Due to a prank pulled by Paxton, Cole accidentally injures his leg while skateboarding. If his crying isn't enough to make you feel for the poor kid, then the dangers of being in the same area as the Thunderbird certainly will be. Luckily, Cole was found alive the next morning half a mile away, albeit without any memory of what happened after his injury.
  • The fate of the rookie Enigma team in Zombie.