YMMV: Lost Tapes

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Ambiguously Human Nora in Hellhound is seen petting the titular beast at the end, hinting that she might possibly have been in league with it.
    • The ending of "Wendigo" leaves it up to interpretation whether the titular monster was truly supernatural or simply a human who went crazy.
  • Base Breaker: Whether the Enigma Corporation is an improvement to the show or the old continuity-free format is better.
  • Creepy Awesome: Many of the cryptids.
  • Fridge Brilliance: There's a reason the Jersey Devil might have a special desire to kill the pregnant mom.
  • Growing the Beard: Depending on who you ask, it was either "Death Raptor", "Hellhound" or "Wendigo".
  • Hell Is That Noise - In Skin-Walker, something sounds exactly like Andy's mother, and it's genuinely frightening.
    • The Wendigo's roar. Brrr...
  • Idiot Ball: The 3 cops in Zombies apparently are unfamiliar with the titular creatures, despite having witnessed their feral-like behavior, inability to die from long falls, bullets or even be affected by tasering, etc. And this is all after discovering a voodoo shrine.
    • The ATF agents in "Devil Monkey". Not only do they ignore strange animal calls and mangled human bodies, they go out unarmed and, obviously, end up killed by the titular creatures. The Sheriff has this to a lesser extent as, instead of blasting the damn thing with a shotgun, He turns around to tell the reporter to flee and then gets jumped. However he gains some sanity points, as he is Genre Savvy enough to not leave the local legend completely out of the equation and at least tries to hold the creature off.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Charles, the evil ghost in Poltergeist, crossed this in life when he murdered his own family in cold blood.
  • Narm Charm - Sometimes, the episodes fall flat on their faces (often with blatantly supernatural creatures). Other times, they manage to hit some actual tension (one featuring the giant monitor lizard Megalania and the Bigfoot episode) in the direction. Watching someone suffer from Blood Poisoning is pretty terrifying since that sort of thing can happen when bitten by certain venomous animals. Still, nothing can grant forgiveness of the terrible acting in the opening of Lizardman.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Sometimes, the show manages to break out of Narm Charm and actually work - Death Raptor, Vampire, Wendigo, Alien and Skin-Walker are genuinely scary.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The Wendigo; it eats humans, is super strong and can bend reality to get to you, so no matter where you run it will always find you and kill you.
    • After the Alien episode, do not be surprised if you start expecting your doctor to tell you that s/he hears two heartbeats inside of you at your daily check up.
    • The Owlman reaches near Slender Man levels of this, what with the fact that it spent a long time stalking an unfortunate old woman to the point that she was driven almost completely insane by it, traumatizing a young girl and somehow being aware of the presence of people who plan to get rid of it before they even show up.
    • The Reptilians are stated to be more advanced than us, masters of infiltration, and can take any form they wish. If they've marked you as their target, they will find you no matter where you hide. Call the cops? The sheriff is one of them. Run away? They can track you. Try to warn others? Nobody will believe you, unless they are Reptilians themselves. What's worse? We never find out what they want.
  • They Just Didn't Care: When a Supernatural Agent is at work in the show.